common sense doesn’t always prevail common incense would be harmful to humans?

It’s funny that had they not broadcasted their usual news teaser, I would not even know this existed.
I am sure thousands of kids didn’t either, now they do. Sometimes Media can make a tale of caution, turn into an actual issue.  Time will tell.

Who would think that common incense would be harmful to humans?

That is what Slidell police are saying about two forms of incense called Spice Gold and Yucatan Fire. Slidell Police Chief Freddie Drennan has received several calls from concerned parents who have found their children are actually smoking the two types of incense to get high.
The Web site has a phone number located in Florida.(thats why WKMG is making it a story). Okay, We can outlaw the following, driving, smoking, drinking, glue, hammers, nails… so I need to keep going? I think the parents need to step up. Period

I know that my childhood in the ’70s was filled with lots of temptations, but the fear of my mother pinching me outweigh the instant gratification. I am not implying that this issue should be ignored or taken lightly. actually I think Parents need to stop ignoring their children. The fact that your child may be as old as 17, they are still your child.

Link to story in Michigan

Link to Music artist who uses the slang associated with this issue.


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