For the “Love of Country”, stop covering the Gainesville Bigot !

I place a dare… everyone for one hour, not to type, video or mention the Gainesville pastor guy name! Starting now

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September 10, 2010 5:32:10 PM

… an my last post this issue.

I’m gonna rent some DVDs, the local stations hav gone STUPID airing the Gainsville jones guy! CBS is carrying the us open thxs 4 sml favors
12 minutes ago via TwitBird

it’s easy to say you won’t forget, but harder to say I didn’t
22 minutes ago via NetworkedBlogs

Orlando local network advisers WFTV-ABC, WESH-NBC & WKMG-CBS are using footage of Pastor Jone’s press
24 minutes ago via TwitBird

I think (i hesitate to use term pastor), Pastor Jones is a terrorist himself, because he is using the beliefs of
29 minutes ago via TwitBird

channel 9 WFTV needs to NOT cover this, yet their coverage is at least
4 mins
37 minutes ago via TwitBird

can we get this guy arrested for extortion! he’s saying that he’ll go forth with burn if the mosque is moved
39 minutes ago via TwitBird

I tryd to go Blkberry and It’s browser sucks pull out to iPhone4 from drawer is back I’m my paws & I’m happy as an unborn kitten! Meow-Purr


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