hey another Floridah moment – hey most teens know more than WKMG viewers!

.so your parents watched “Risky Business”, while your coach makes a risky mistake.

ok WKMG reports that a high school coach caught in prostitution sting, he should be fired and not to be allowed around students. WKMG shows viewer emails stating it’s not a safe, or a good example for the kids.

IMO – so can we also apply this rule to any golf tournament with Tiger Woods on the roster will need to “card” the gallery to keep anyone under 18 away from Tiger Woods.

another Floridah moment.

most 18 year guys have already watched “Risky Business”


“….the mantle of change” She said it and she meant it! Ms Velma Hart just gave the Repbilcans and the Tea Party an early Christmas present.

“I’m exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now,”  – said Velma Hart

at President Obama’s economic town hall in Washington D.C. Monday. Hart is the chief financial officer of AMVETS, a veterans’ organization, and her husband is a facilities administrator at the Verizon Center in Washington.

RePost {- Ref: As vice chairman of Public Strategies and president of Maverick Media, Mark McKinnon has helped meet strategic challenges for candidates, corporations and causes, including George W. Bush, John McCain, Governor Ann Richards, Charlie Wilson, Lance Armstrong, and Bono. Get a head start with the Morning  Scoop email. It’s your Cheat Sheet with must reads from across the  Web. Get it. For inquiries, please contact The Daily  Beast at editorial@thedailybeast.com ]

For the “Love of Country”, stop covering the Gainesville Bigot !

I place a dare… everyone for one hour, not to type, video or mention the Gainesville pastor guy name! Starting now

original post on twitter
September 10, 2010 5:32:10 PM

… an my last post this issue.

I’m gonna rent some DVDs, the local stations hav gone STUPID airing the Gainsville jones guy! CBS is carrying the us open thxs 4 sml favors
12 minutes ago via TwitBird

it’s easy to say you won’t forget, but harder to say I didn’t http://nblo.gs/7IIQH
22 minutes ago via NetworkedBlogs

Orlando local network advisers WFTV-ABC, WESH-NBC & WKMG-CBS are using footage of Pastor Jone’s press http://tl.gd/5vq6fm
24 minutes ago via TwitBird

I think (i hesitate to use term pastor), Pastor Jones is a terrorist himself, because he is using the beliefs of http://tl.gd/5vq5hp
29 minutes ago via TwitBird

channel 9 WFTV needs to NOT cover this, yet their coverage is at least
4 mins
37 minutes ago via TwitBird

can we get this guy arrested for extortion! he’s saying that he’ll go forth with burn if the mosque is moved
39 minutes ago via TwitBird

I tryd to go Blkberry and It’s browser sucks pull out to iPhone4 from drawer is back I’m my paws & I’m happy as an unborn kitten! Meow-Purr

Does Obama need a Lewinsky… well sorta, you know what I mean

ok, how many people outside the beltway knew that the Clinton administration had balance the budget, along with a surplus dowry for the next President? Why so few knew, was because of Ken Starr’s obsession Bill’s devil in a blue dress. Oh and Whitewater. If He had a distraction, other than March Madness and fantasy football.

I know,,, I slammed him on his date nights. If he had just kept them with
in the boundaries of our immediate continent I know, voiced
my disdain via a tweet that his vacations\ were bogus attempts to help
their kids feel normal. I say send them to an over crowded, under funded
public school.

So what does that leave on the list of adult things to do? GO shopping for
a pussycat, Take up Cigar collecting, oh wait he might already have a few
of those from Resko. Just do something the GOP can rip, spin and spew
for days on end, and before you know it, it will be Christmas and everyone’s
nice during the Holidays.

Is state of Arkansas, the State Attorneys, the District Attorney of West Memphis conspire-ring themselves into a “Attempted Murder Charge?”,

Is state of Arkansas, the State Attorneys, the District Attorney of West Memphis conspire-ring themselves into a “Attempted Murder Charge?”,
benefit, damien echols, dennis riordan, dna, event, filing, jason baldwin, jessie misskelley, john mark byers, lorri davis, memphis,, paradise lost, press conference, terry hobbs, the cure, video west, west memphis, west memphis three, wm3, wm3.org Johnny Depp, Lorrie Davis.

full article here – The Story

In 1993, shortly after three eight-year-old boys were found murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas, police arrested Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley and charged the three teenagers with murder based solely upon an error-filled and police-coerced false confession, extracted from 16-year-old Jessie Misskelley Jr. After 12 hours of questioning, without counsel or parental consent, mentally disabled Jessie Misskelley repeated back to the police what he was told to say.

Devil’s Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three is a 2002 True Crime book by Mara Leveritt

I checked out most of our US Holidays and why am I not surprised that 92% do not have any thing to do with America as Nation. i.e. Christmas, Christ was not born in Yazoo MI, nor was St. Patrick a patron of anything American , until, two American shared a mug of moonshine or  first beer, and no it wasn’t Sam Adams. So out of the 8% of the holidays that originated here, Labor Day Honors the Unions, Yet Just today I saw signs protesting Unions… Hum

Tweets that didn’t FLY… due to electronic wing-span clipped via loss of bandwidth

an over thought title for a list of tweets I posted Today.

okay HP settles Sexual Harassment claim. while he leaves
w/ his pockets lined with Ben Franklins, Now-month later,
a whale of a deal! Oracle?
1 minute ago via TwitBird

Oracle announced that Mark Hurd would become the software
company’s co-president and also join its board of directors.
10 minutes ago via TwitBird

The First “blah blah blah, USAG” didn’t read the SB 1070
about 2 hours ago via NetworkedBlogs

Orlando trying sell the Orena at a 10 million loss?
about 4 hours ago via TwitBird

7.1 magnitude earthquake Christ Church, NewZealand
about 5 hours ago via TwitBird

make this phase worthless, why does it matter that
your “first African American to hold position” I’d like
u to be 1st to do your Job right
about 5 hours ago via web

If Eric Holder (USAG isnt he? hasn’t read the Az law…
about 5 hours ago via TwitBird

public service appointments via election, should not receive
pension based on there tenure, not on the wage/position
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

i.e. orange cty mayor leave office due to term limit(s),
Yet he can return to another Gov post/job and still receive
full pension…
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

place pension limits on severance packs and limit tenure
time payout limits on when Gov. official who retire, but return
to another Gov job.
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

who wants to tel PrzObama t Tax Credits don’t add up to reform
or revitalization of any kind.
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

POTUS scolds CEO’s for holding onto Benjamin, Andrew,
George and Lincoln. I wonder what PrzBHO comprehension
level of simple math
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

drops of Jupiter…
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird

@briefingroom I guess I need inferred goggles, I’ll hang them
next my beer goggles
about 6 hours ago via TwitBird in reply to briefingroom

@orlandosentinel how about the old O-rena Bldg. Make
it a giant mausoleum city leaders hope $100 million in updates,
Sell it at $90 million
about 7 hours ago via TwitBird in reply to orlandosentinel 

@flyosity I’d send it back and take the day off!
about 8 hours ago via TwitBird in reply to flyosity

Oops I got little snarky on @ChrisCuomo, but I saw the letters
“CNN” and lost it. Happy labor day Chris

@ChrisCuomo also remember CNN /HLN continues to employ
Nancy Grace. Now she’s an unemployment statistic I can live with!
about 8 hours ago via TwitBird in reply to ChrisCuomo

@ChrisCuomo Dem’s are never going face the music,
unless it’s s concert fundraiser for some 3rd world country hit
by mother-natures wrath.

@adamslisa go figure, maybe a road trip to PA they’re
hard wrkrs
about 8 hours ago via TwitBird in reply to adamslisa

The First “blah blah blah, USAG” didn’t read the SB 1070


Great blog to read-

Barbed-Wire Telegraph “Fleas can be taught nearly everything that a Congressman can.”

Joe Arpaio or Eric Holder: Which Man Would You Want as Your Sheriff?

                                                                                                                                                  by Tim Willis


Here is the 17 page Doc that Eric Holder Had not read before facing the panel. per this post on Politico  POLITICO Josh Gerstein Holder hasn’t read Ariz. immigration bill



does Bernard Lewis refresh your memory?

read, learn listen..before its gets out of hand.

the division between us an them…

why does there have to always be and us and them?

Discovery Channel Hostage Situation ends with Gun Man Shot

I guess the earth is worth fighting for.

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