Responding to rise and fall of many men, whose personal choices leave there public service deeds in the shadows

This guy must of kicked karma one too many times. It’s a shame that with power comes imaginary entitlement. When these stories surface, I often wonder what takes a person past the point of no return… My friend told me that to raise a son is the hardest thing, because there’s a bond that transends from mother to son that instills respect and compassion…


How much color print do we really need in or local paper?

Orlando Sentinel (Gannett), section “A” has a 20 page count. The news content 5 pages. Local articles 3 (by OS staff). Ap  contributors from other publications add up to 21. The editorial section has only 5 local editorials , most are polling type My point is where is my local news paper.

I understand world news and celebrity gossip trumps by-line space but the “Seninel Star” I grew up reading, did not have 9 full size ads, to cover the cost of the “fluff stories” the paper reads more like the “nat’ enquire” than a community paper.

In the ’70s up to the late ’80s we had W Disney factor, making sure visitors only read the safe and wholesome news while visiting the city beautiful. Now the Voss factor is in play and it’s sucks season tickets go for up to 25k a ticket and yet we are footing parry of the construction bill on the new “Amway Center” get a clue Orlando and the Orlando Sentinel…the new center does not have “Orlando” anywhere on it.., stop catering to the elite in this town and start reporting real news

[referrencing Wednesday May 19, section A]

On immigration laws

Just because our families made it ahead of their families, what right do we have to stand and judge who becomes a citizen…. If our laws and paper work weren’t so intimidation, I think most immigrants would use the proper procedures to enter, and become their dream. “when’s the last time you applied for a room cleaning job or a trash sweeper at disney?”…get real people. Make the America accountable, otherwise our “pledge allegiance to the flag….” is an empty promise!

Btw what ever happen to president Obama’s aunt… Yup she’s still here and processed to stay.

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