I guess posting old sparky on the blog that Judge….

I guess posting old sparky on the blog that Judge Strickland enjoys reading…rubbed the defense team into a fury.

ref- In response to a pretrial motion to have a judge removed from a current preceding of State of Florida vs. C Anthony

I admit reading that post named in the pretrial motion, but the post does not promote toward guilt,  but offers a view of the death penalty from this writers point of view.

I am not posting a link, because I do not want to add to this media vs Casey Anthony saga.

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  1. Hilde
    Apr 17, 2010 @ 09:04:33

    the Anthony Case is crazy enough the Way it is without contributing to the Media Frenzy.
    The Victim Caylee Marie seemed to get lost in All
    of the created Circus. 😦
    The Defense as I recall wanted to replace Judge Strickland in the Past but didn’t succeed.
    It seems to me Judge Strickland is fair to both Parties and very careful considers his Rulings in this Case to make sure there is no Reason for an Appeal. JMO

  2. Hilde
    Apr 17, 2010 @ 09:07:54

    it should be very interesting what will happened with that new Motion filed by the Defense.
    If the Defense by any Chance succeed to have Judge Strickland step down, I am not so sure that would be in the best Interest for the Defense! But, hey what do I know, that is just my honest Opinion.

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