An unwanted tradition Christmas day, is upon me once again.

Christmas 1967

by Olan Mills

What has now become an unwanted tradition during the week
of Christmas is upon me once again. In addition, I think it will carry
on for a few more years, because I don’t think my parents
are getting any younger.

Winter Park Tower-Skilled care Unit, was the gathering place
for Christmas of 2006, my Grandmother held on and was very
coherent, by the following morning she passed away.

In 2007, I spent Christmas day with my stepfather who was
at ORMC one year and the following year at Conway Lakes
during the week leading up Thanksgiving of 2008.

I even jumped in to carry on this weird tradition, I went for cancer
treatment at MD Anderson Houston for the last two weeks
in December of 2008.

So this year my father holds the unwanted honor of why the family
is once again, spending Christmas at the skilled nursing unit
of Westminster of Delaney Park.

I usually try to see the good in situation thrust upon me, but I am really
over this odd Kennedy like tradition. I attribute the disdain towards
the knowing that usually the person at the center of why I am spending
Christmas in a health care unit is usually not with me to bring
in the coming New Year.

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