My life is their lifeline

Dad, A Bear and William Tripp – [l to r]

Caring for our elderly parents, was it a class
I overlooked in college?

– No, not even offered, but very much needed.
I was born in the winter of ’63, a “baby boomer”,
That’s me.

I am now on the verge of my fifth year assisting
an elderly group of family members, whom shall
remain nameless, yet well define, the days turn
into months, and the first year of my forties
become the last year of freedom as I defined it.

In the past four years, I have spent much time
overseeing their visits to; doctors, pharmacy,
and untimely ERs appearances.

I can only hope that I will come to appreciate
and understand the last four and a half years,
along with the onset of another new year filled
with uncertain mornings, inpatient telephone
calls and endless mundane reading in virus
fill waiting rooms, a majority, surprisingly not
designed for motorized chairs, walking canes
and square tennis ball trimmed walkers.

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