FYI – Inciting virtual word riots, bring out the Sentinel’s true colors,

The ugly truth that bias towards non-American
born residents is alive an well here in the
“land of the free and the Brave”
                                                               – finnperkins


The Orlando Sentinel Star, was one of the first places I we visited.
The McCoy Jetport was the size of CVS store.  My visit to the OS Star,
was in part of a photo op, in which several adopted Korean children
became residents of orlando.  I think, unknown to me at the time,
I became forever, connected to the printing industry.


Freedom of the Press (speech),is important to everyone.  This industry has
been the foundation of everything that has become history, So why is it that
a newspaper chooses to bleed green, than to breath facts into life.


I am sure that this is not isolated to just my local paper, Is it an epidemic
in the newsprint industry as it tries to hold its place; in the face of new
mainstream media forums and outlets.  Therefore, I close with this caveat,
“why fall short on fact based news, in order to sell papers.  Is it to tall of
an order these day for the reader to demand integrity, for (75¢) 3 ’round

Iranians to protest in downtown Orlando today -link
Víctor Manuel Ramos | Sentinel Staff Writer
11:41 AM EDT, June 18, 2009

ORLANDO – Local Iranians are holding an Orlando rally
this afternoon in support of demonstrations against
the results of the June 12 election in their country.

But their small downtown rally, which will take place
from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in front of Orlando City Hall
on S. Orange Avenue, is not expected to disrupt
traffic or attract any counter protesters.

This was my response to this article-

I am responding to this article based more on its title,
than on its content.

the title – “Iranians to protest in downtown Orlando today”
The title offers very little true information on what this short
article is about actually. The title is inflammatory, and brings
out exactly the response your got.

“sent them back…blah blah blah…

“Get a net and deport em all! ”
Cxxxxxx Bxxxx Orlando, FL  | #5 4 hrs ago

The comments were written in the readers head long before the webpage loaded,
long before the first key stroke, that would inevitably tell anyone who attended
this rally to leave the US (preferably not via an airline…some would add).  
This form of journalism is what has become the norm, and it is just
irresponsible of the writer and the publisher.

The title should have been-
“Local Iranian -Americans and supporters against the results
of the June 12 election in their country”

Because the reaction to this article is anti-Iranian, I am sure
the others will not welcome my comment.  This is my opinion,
not an essay entry into popularity contest.  I ask anyone who has
already commented to re-read this article, think, take a breath
and remember that our own Democracy started from immigrants
who choose to align their welfare to each other, than to throw

What was missed by the readers who commented with…the if you don’t like it leave styled responses, need to know that the rally was to show solidarity in the belief that Iran could one day become a valid Democracy, and that, although Iranian born, they are DO BELIEVE IN the work our troops fought for during the last 8 years…plus.

FYI – Census estimates indicate that there
are approximately 1,300 Iranians in Metro Orlando. [OS/june 17 2009]



Jack takes a trip… to the groomer today.

Hair today !

Hair tomorrow?



Yes this was jack this morning.

(could be a fire hazard)


Jack head to groomer


Jack loves riding in BlueCars…not counting them (lol)


looking up at the top as it moves closed.


A persian, with a tabby cut.

“There is a God, who else could save an unborn female from having David Letterman as a father”.

What parts of “inappropriate” and “borderline sexual harassment” to you not understand?

“Even Don Imus knew when to leave, and keep his trap shut”


IMO – Governor Sarah Palin is not upset with the fact that her daughter was brought up in the in a joke.  The fact that David Letterman used “a 14/18 year old” as part of “a knock up” joke

is why the Governor is reeling, Whether it was her daughter, or anybody else’s, the fact that

an under age person of either gender should not be referenced in a joke that implies sex with a minor is acceptable fodder.


Yes one viewer on HLN, stated that Gov. Palin had “paraded them out” in the press.  I would have to say there is a big difference between campaign press opts and inappropriate jokes.


There will always be a double standard in the press between male and female candidate.  It has been observed that most of the female candidates, deal with more dissension from other female pundits, and voters than with there male counterparts.


I feel that as a person it is my responsibility not to contribute to any for of oppression, whether it is ethnic, or gender related.  To maintain a humane etiquette, that separates us from other life forms.


I think the fact that David letterman didn’t see it the first time, nor did he address it properly the second time, and then offering a joke with “Tina Fay” factor just adds to out of touch he is to this issue.  I am not big on voicing my spiritual opinions, but I think instances like this I must.


“There is a God, who else could saved an unborn female from having David Letterman as a father”.

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