Where’s the real Tony Pipitone?

Hey an UPDATE-

T0 Finn

HAL’S NOTE: Here’s Tony Pipitone’s response:

Jack Kirschenbaum was mistakenly listed by the clerk on the website as a defense attorney when, in fact, he just intervened in the case on WKMG’s behalf (as did the Sentinel’s attorney and other media attorneys for their respective clients) when there was a motion by the state for a gag order.

Yes, it must be tough to cover a story so many times,
you could probably write it in your sleep.  I notice that
the addition of Andrea  Lyons, but no story on Jack Kirschenbaum 
I see that Jack Kirschenbaum is not on Ms. Anthony’s attorney
list per the Orange Co. Clerks online database.

Hey Tony can you give us a hint as to why WKMG did
not run with a story on Mr. Jack Kirschenbaum, oh wait
is it because of Mr. Kirschenbaum’s ties to WKMG
and You (Tony).

Being at the mercy of your assignment, does that include
evading the obvious? I know anyone who resides in Orlando
knows WKMG’s ties with Jack Kirschenbaum. As much,
fuss over that dam 80 boxes of papers, the Post-Newsweek
Stations Orlando, Inc.D/B/A WKMG V. Douglas Guetzloe case.

A quote from the case printed in the Orlando Sentinel,
Ludmilla Lelis September 26, 2007 –

“Judges ponder core legal issues in Guetzloe case” – It comes down to right to privacy vs. freedom of the press, they say.  And their answer could take a while.– Kirschenbaum said there is no evidence the station wants to broadcast medical information. However, the decision on such material should lie with an editor and not with a judge, he said.

I mention Jack Kirschenbaum I comment on these two-

1] Blog topic –
 “Casey Anthony: WKMG asks if she can get fair trial in Florida cities” Hal the TV Guy Orlando Sentinel Blog
[finnperkins | May 04, 2009 at 04:20 PM   ]

2] Blog topic-
“Casey Anthony: WKMG asks if impartial jury can be found in Florida” Hal the TV Guy Orlando Sentinel Blog
[finnperkins | May 06, 2009 at 08:41 PM  ]


Therefore, Tony, it is your turn to offer up Mr. Jack Kirschenbaum’s
short-lived association to this case. That is your assignment, should
you choose to take it, I for one will even spend 3 round Washington’s
on a print edition. Until then I will be hanging here awaiting a heads
up from Hal, who is always the one to follow, because he follows
you (the media).

Originally comment  on this blog topic-
Casey Anthony: What WKMG’s Tony Pipitone adds to the story
Posted by finnperkins  Hal the TV Guy Orlando Sentinel Blog


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