Is the reading of the “Miranda [Miranda v. Arizona]”, moot?

Ok, here we go again, changing the laws so it will fit the people it serves, I am referring to the law enforcement officials, as we know the recent Supreme Court decision was not for us, but for the folks whose cars that have four words affixed, sometimes look like an after thought on the two-tone paint job.  “To serve and protect”…

 …that decision protected “a fundamental right that the court now dishonors.” says  Justice John Paul Stevens

this change also offers more questions than answers.  At this point and time-

  • Is the reading of the “Miranda [Miranda v. Arizona]”, moot?
  • Is pleading the fifth in court moot?
  • Will we be badgered to answer anyway?

maybe we’ll get Dick Cheney to come up with new interrogation rules…

Justice John Paul Stevens also said  “the ruling will “diminish the public’s confidence in the reliability and fairness of our system of justice. “

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