the Cart before the Horse…you think? great article, just alittle a head of it’s time.

This is a response to Marinade Dave’s , the writer is awesome.I wish I was that good. My contention is that this post addressed the situation as if the write knew with out a doubt, not only what, how and when Caylee died, but he almost offers a reason why. Unlike many bloggers who have addressed this case, offered mostly copy/paste information from my local TV and newspaper (Orlando).  So although he flare/style of writing is admirable, the articles substance is tiring and redundant, and most of all tainted by local media influence.I know I will get the usual two or three bloggers who will insult me for my opinion, but remember as you read my post, I am not insulting the writer. I am offering my opinion.

[Marinade Dave’s ]Dave, Your writing wonderfully filled with the right words.  May ask if you were a fly in the car, or watching from the woods from a far?  

 Did you get to sit in on the Grand Jury [2], in which you are privy to information we have yet to read or see on the news?  That statement in it’s self it hard to believe since all the discovery documents [1], have been turned over to the defense, except for George’s suicide letter (unless it is a bootleg copy), and the yet to be released video of Casey on December 11, 2008. 

I admit, I am not a writer nor do I claim to be.  I am a resident of Orlando, and I do believe that your opinion is rightfully yours, therefore, please do not think I am saying you can not post this stuff, only that your placing the cart before the horse…meaning judgment before trial.

btw –

[1].which by the way is not required by law to be on the internet, only that it is available to be obtain at the clerk of the courts records department.

[2]. the Grand Jury had audio issues, see my other post.  Casey Anthony case: Microphones in courtroom left “ON” , allowing the news media to hear the grand jury’s secret proceedings

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  1. Boston
    May 26, 2009 @ 10:12:26

    Finn-As long as a reader has a chance to read and assimilate information about a case he/she is free to do that. It’s called thinking. The only people who have to give any defendant the presumption of innocence is the jury. Up until the time of the trial we are all allowed to think things out. We are all allowed to get it all wrong and we are allowed to confuse anyone who wishes to listen to us. We don’t have to afford the defendant anything.(see Dan Abrams article on this subject)

    (If you have trouble finding this article I can search around for it later this evening)Have a great day.

  2. Boston
    May 26, 2009 @ 10:23:36

    Finn-Here is the article by Dan Abrams written February 27, 2009 Wall Street Journal: Presumed Innocent? Bernie Madoff?
    Unless you’re a juor, there’s no reason to suspend judgement.

    Google: “Dan Abrams on the presumption of innocence”.

    You will find this article easy to read and understand. Dan is a brillant lawyer and a fine thinker. Although I may not have found the post above very interesting or well written I did think it was important to set the record straight about what thinkers do and don;t do. Enjoy.

  3. Marinade Dave
    May 26, 2009 @ 15:23:18

    Thank you for calling me an awesome writer, but I beg to differ with you. Perhaps it’s because I don’t wallow in egotistical fluff. It was very nice of you, just the same, and I appreciate it.

    I realize there are some very strong opinions out there and, as such, mine was just an opinion piece based on factual information interspersed with my own ideas/creations. How much of it will turn up true, I do not know, but I’ve found that readers want to hear various scenarios of what transpired leading up to the murder and beyond, including child neglect and the subsequent murder charge – which actually added more zest to the recipe that encompasses this whole saga – before Caylee was found and, certainly more so afterwards. Adding the death penalty didn’t hurt, either, because it offered a chance for commenters to have their say, whether for or against. This drama has allowed all bloggers to expand and diversify because of all the elements that branch out in so many directions. My goal has been to show an insight into the crime from my point of view. I do not take what the local media says to heart. Although I do read, watch and listen to it since I live here, I do not live for them. What I try to offer is me. Some people like me, some people don’t. Oh well.

    Thank you for your article here and the fine comment you left at my sight. I realize my thoughts on the matter are just that, and you are as entitled as I am to pose ideas, so I just want to say that I, in no way, took anything you wrote here or on my blog as an insult. I am more humbled than anything else.

    • Finn Perkins
      May 26, 2009 @ 15:41:18

      Thanks I feel the same. I am not in it for the comments.

      I am not sure why one of the readers [prettyinpinkxo], keeps saying..”you have no comments because your writing is bad and your opinions don’t count.

      So, Like you I am using my blog to offer other scenerio, leaning more on the media than the actual act.

  4. Marinade Dave
    May 26, 2009 @ 17:48:28

    Trust me, Finn, if you don’t mind me calling you that, you get used to the negative ones after a while. I’ve gotten over 8,000 total comments, not including my own, on just the Anthony posts I’ve written since November and not all of them are pretty. Hang in there and feel free to visit my blog. The more people see you around, the more they’ll visit yours. I average anywhere from 25,000 to 40,000 visitors a month and there’s always room to share. If you want, I will link your blog to mine.

    • Finn Perkins
      May 26, 2009 @ 17:52:46

      Thank you Dave for the engouragement.

      I was an architect, went into graphic design, started, clsed a printshop, now home due to intermitten illness.

      I love reading your blog. the words you offer to bring me into your picture frame, flows evenly and fullbodied.

      I have had you on my blog roll for some time now.

  5. Boston
    May 26, 2009 @ 18:02:26

    Finn-Let’s take a look at what you did. You took an abject strangers response to another writer’s Blog and “owned” it in a manner of speaking. In copying it you felt in some way entitled to it. You start out by stating that the writer is “awesome” and then you march forward with your voice crescendoing towards just how, almost idiotically his thinking is-mostly as a result of listening to, reading and evaluating what he has gleaned from local media outlets. You never formulate any ideas why the writer is wrong or whether or not the media is somehow to blame.

    I am getting closer to understanding what you did.

    Next, in comes the “awesome” writer of the Blog and he very eloquently responds to your Blog. In his closing comments he tells you that although he might disagree with you, he takes no offense at your copying his work product/or responses of others to his Blog, but states that he is “humbled” as a writer to have been cited.

    You take the one and only real opportunity you have to express your thanks for his time and effort by slamming his writing and attaching that slam to “prettyinpinxo”.

    That kind of “writing” does not meet anyone’s standards.

    • Finn Perkins
      May 26, 2009 @ 18:08:38

      My blog is a place where I responded to other blogs I have read. My posts are more “re-cap and outline of what I have read”. I do not claim to be a writer, nor do I claim to be good at not being a writer. I place a quote from someone else, in which I may comment. nothing more nothing less. I am glad to know, I finally met the un-official blog police… based on your current comment, and you have ESP.

      I do not have to justify my intent. Again as I have said many times, that what I do on my blog is my choice, and therefore, you, the reader at anytime, may place your cursor on the “” [arrow], and mosey on down the net.

      When I said, “thanks I feel the same”, was in reply to his statement “Perhaps it’s because I don’t wallow in egotistical fluff. “ …mean that the other reader has been, for 12 post telling me that the reason why I do not have many comments is that “you have no comments because your writing is bad and your opinions don’t count.” As I replied to prettyinpinkxo, I will again say the same to you. I do not do this to raise my comment count, I do it to raise awareness that are many ways of interpreting the same information, and finding the dissemination of that information varies from each observer.

  6. Marinade Dave
    May 26, 2009 @ 19:58:37

    Interesting. I spent many years as a graphic designer for advertising agencies and printing companies. I was never an architect. Eventually, I got tired of designing and working with deadlines. I had always written body copy for ads and more complex pieces like brochures. Plus, I’ve had a lot of letters published in the Orlando Sentinel, including a few My Word columns. Obviously, I like to write. Ironically, I am in declining health, as well. Gee, we should get together sometime before we’re too decrepit.

    Anyway, I’m glad you love reading my blog. A lot of people have told me that they feel like they are with me, by my side, when they read my stuff. That makes me feel really good, although I am a very humble sort of guy.

    Thank you, Finn, and I will add you to my Blogroll. Keep in touch.

    By the way, I still like the smell of ink whenever I walk into a print shop. There’s that smell… you just know it when it’s there. It brings back memories, in CMYK colors.

    • Finn Perkins
      May 26, 2009 @ 20:14:34

      ditto on the health.
      I worked in Orlando for Orange County for several years in the mid 80s, went to Dallas in 86. thanks to Volkswagen of Amer. I got to see the world in 8 gr8t years. I could tell by your writing and your blog banner you were creative. The partial head shot is a dead give-away to the creative side… al my my space photo albums are cut-away shots.

      I sent you an email with non-public info. try and stay dry.

  7. Boston
    May 26, 2009 @ 21:16:07

    Finn-I posted on a site this past weekend and was asked where have I posted or responded. I answered something to this effect: (I’ll use quotes but it may not be an exact quote as I can’t recall it verbatim)

    “I post on Finn Perkin’s site because I want to support a new writer. She is a creative, thoughtful writer with unique ideas”. The only thing I was “out of the loop on” was your gender.

  8. michellefrommadison
    May 26, 2009 @ 21:52:24

    Abrahms is on-target.

  9. michellefrommadison
    May 26, 2009 @ 22:04:39

  10. Boston
    May 26, 2009 @ 22:10:11

    Finn-You can get the link if you Google: “Dan Abrams on the presumtion of innocence”. Wall Street Journal article for February 27, 2009″. See my post on your other topic.

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