Sunday’s Indy 500, was not just another Race for Danica Patrick, …It was a personal best at the Brickyard.



The first Open wheel win, came in Japan in 2008. now with this day behind her the whispers are are now almost a shout(out), to NASCAR, that they may have a lucky “7” in there future.

Danica Patrick is in the last year of her contact with Andretti Green Racing.   She said in the past that she would be interested in NASCAR. As in the past,  when Patrick finishes near the front in an IndyCar Series event, the NASCAR whispers increase.

Recently signed with IMG The transition between open wheel racing, and NASCAR, usually does not favor the Open wheel drivers in the past.  Well, her star power would be wheel received by NASCAR, especially if Dale Earnhardt Jr. continues to struggle.

The move, by Patrick will  only come, if it was to a top-tier team  and a competitive ride. IMG reportedly is shopping her around to NASCAR teams and sponsors to gauge the interest in moving to NASCAR.

Danica Patrick no. 7

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