You know your obsessed with the Anthony case, when your grocery list says, “whole kernel caylee.” instead of “whole kernel corn”

Here is a glimpse-click link for original post.-

“So, on the receipt, I’d labeled the various items, ground beef , velveeta cheese, taco chips, whole kernel corn…but on down the receipt, on the last can of whole kernel corn I had bought, I had written “whole kernel caylee.”

My niece (who found the receipt), really busted my chops over being obsessed with the case when she saw that last night…I tried to defend myself by telling her I rarely ever watch NG anymore…I don’t think she bought it.

 😉   Posted by- “whole kernel caylee.” Kxxx Mxxxxxxx – Batesville, AR

This part was interesting-

You know you’re obsessed, then your grocery list says, “whole kernel caylee.” instead of whole kernel corn”

Here is my response to the same news- I can’t say I am surprised by this move, but this is the era of reality television, and who am I to stand firm on my opinion on due process, and stop the NEW BUSINESS as usual policy when it comes to media’s claim …”. Publics need to know vs. Harm limitation principle,” Besides, I can see a bright side of this Ashleigh Banfield!

I watch her and Jack Ford’s coverage of the Skipper trial here in Florida this past fall.

So with that I will hold comment on how this might harm the case, If the Ms. Kerry, could kindly stop doing the snoopy dance, and know that, the coverage of this civil trial, holds just as much new case law possibilities, as the criminal case.



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  1. Diana
    May 24, 2009 @ 21:44:02

    Is this supposed to be funny? Because it’s not. Could be the reason there is no comments. Give it up.

    • Finn Perkins
      May 24, 2009 @ 22:09:55

      Again I don’t tdo this to get comments. I post it to be there, to be read. nothing more, nothing less. thanks though for your comment.

  2. michellefrommadison
    May 27, 2009 @ 22:44:46

    I think it’s funny Finn, and I do see some comments here. Must be hard for those people that cannot see the forest through the trees. 🙂

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