… and authorities said the mother gave conflicting versions of what took place.

 … and authorities said the mother gave conflicting versions of what took place.  I guess Trenton Giachette, does not have a Justice for Trenton fan Blog.

Just like some of the cable news programs, the viewers also choose whom they will follow.  I wonder if it were, a conscience decision by correlation, meaning age, race, or community, or is it merely the obvious, media driven.  I think it would be interesting to know.

IMO – The cases followed by primetime cable and bloggers, after the arrest, I attribute

a lot to the FDLE division in charge.

I noticed that Orange County leads out early with stories and releases, as the other counties like Volusia, Sumter, and sometimes even Miami Dade, are less likely to offer too many “on the scene findings”, prior to the arraignment of the accused.

I also notice that something very subtle has come from the over the top, boast fill local media coverage, is the overall change in how much detail an FDLE spokesperson offers up, at the scene on the first report.

i.e. when the Eola park rapist was being sought out, A video that was aired on the news, and place on the web, by the local stations, has been pulled, per a request by FDLE officials who were working the case. [Video showing a man going in and out of the grocery stores security cam].  WFTV said the video was removed per request, but said no reason as to why the FDLE officials’ wanted it pulled. I am thinking because the

person of interest my see it and flee?  floriDAH.

You know your obsessed with the Anthony case, when your grocery list says, “whole kernel caylee.” instead of “whole kernel corn”

Here is a glimpse-click link for original post.-

“So, on the receipt, I’d labeled the various items, ground beef , velveeta cheese, taco chips, whole kernel corn…but on down the receipt, on the last can of whole kernel corn I had bought, I had written “whole kernel caylee.”

My niece (who found the receipt), really busted my chops over being obsessed with the case when she saw that last night…I tried to defend myself by telling her I rarely ever watch NG anymore…I don’t think she bought it.

 😉   Posted by- “whole kernel caylee.” Kxxx Mxxxxxxx – Batesville, AR

This part was interesting-

You know you’re obsessed, then your grocery list says, “whole kernel caylee.” instead of whole kernel corn”

Here is my response to the same news- I can’t say I am surprised by this move, but this is the era of reality television, and who am I to stand firm on my opinion on due process, and stop the NEW BUSINESS as usual policy when it comes to media’s claim …”. Publics need to know vs. Harm limitation principle,” Besides, I can see a bright side of this Ashleigh Banfield!

I watch her and Jack Ford’s coverage of the Skipper trial here in Florida this past fall.

So with that I will hold comment on how this might harm the case, If the Ms. Kerry, could kindly stop doing the snoopy dance, and know that, the coverage of this civil trial, holds just as much new case law possibilities, as the criminal case.


Disturbing Proposal for Guantanamo Detainees

undermines the rule of law.
President Obama insisted that his security policies represent a ‘new direction’ from the policies of the past eight years, and yet today he endorsed indefinite detention without trial. Not only was indefinite detention a central element of the Bush administration’s misguided and abusive approach to fighting terrorism, it’s deeply inconsistent with the values that Obama defended in his speech.
Kenneth Roth, executive director

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