“Second verse same as the first”… endless accounting of the lies as they are feed you through the mega pixels of your flat screen TVs

I am responding to anyone who thinks this applies to them, it probably does.

I find it interesting how many of the bloggers here recite the same words repeatedly as it they are all at their computers at the same time, and typing in a wandering chorus, repeating words from media sources, with out reference to the author.

Our computers are the common thread through all of the posts, are words of hate, cynicism and contempt for the Laws of Society.

If the Media had not released any of the interviews conducted by FDLE, What would all of you base you opinions on with out the help of the Florida’s Government in the sunshine?  The Florida loose open records laws, the worst in the nation (jmo).  What would all of you base you opinions on with out the help of the Florida’s GISL?

The FL S. 119.105 Protection of victims of crimes or accidents, is not enforceable because it does allow the NEWS MEDIA to have these records, but I want to know when to draw line should be in the sand.

I think that as of May 17, 2009, the Casey Anthony case is not longer News. At this point, the Anthony case is a “Topic,” used to generate advertising revenue for the local TV station.

The Local TV stations are corporations.  Most TV stations offer us 1 to 3 hours worth of time set aside for local news segments, at least hour of accumulated news segment promos to promote there news segment, and the remainder of the air time is sold to various affiliates, known as primetime programming.  Then there is after hours leased access time for infomercials and alike…. 

Therefore, at what point will the Federal, State, and Local government acknowledge that our local Media stations are a business, which is held to corporate taxation; therefore, they are an entity that uses our public records information for commercial solicitation.

Every time a reader clicks on a website of WFTV, WESH, WKMG, and many others, they are also generating automated revenue, even if a reader does not click the advertisement on the webpage, the station sell its ad space based on projected demographic.

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  1. Boston
    May 18, 2009 @ 08:14:29

    Don’t underestimate your readers and certainly don’t underestimate anyone’s ability to compare and contrast, think outside the box or draw conclusions. Because you have a certain disdain for the flow of information and the preported revenue it garners is no reason to be wondering in the dark uninformed. No one at any of the news outlets that you cite wakes up in the morning and says to themselves, How can I decieve my listeners today? How can I write in order to confuse, manipulate and con my readers.

    The only person who is generating those kinds of character flaws, if we are discussing the death of Caylee Anthony, is Casey Anthony. Her mother described her on July 17, 2008 as a “devoted daughter and a wonderful mother.” It is a mother’s love that comes to the aid of her child.

    Everyone understands that, however the venue in which this statement is made is alarming and curious. Interested folks will say to themselves, Let me find out how devoted and how wonderful this young woman is.

    Local TV stations are businesses and I’m pretty sure the Fed/State FCC laws function in all 50 states. The Freedom of Information (FOIA) laws make it possible for all of us to be informed. Why this constant rant against the media?

    • Finn Perkins
      May 18, 2009 @ 08:18:56

      from you- “the news outlets that you cite wakes up in the morning and says to themselves, How can I decieve my listeners today? How can I write in order to confuse, manipulate and con my readers.”

      Here is a headline. WESH. “the lake Eola rapist, what we have learn, who he is, and why when police question him. Why they let him go”
      this was on Air the afternoon of his arrest. the trailer for the evening news was missleading.

      Yes the police did question him, several days later after a tip was called in. The station had him on air as they followed him from the site where the police question him. They asked him “if the police thought he was the rapist”, and he inturned stated, “I am not and that they let me go didn’t they”

      A week later after recieving the DNA results, a writ/warrant was issued. At the time he was picked up in a town outside of Orlando, is the evening theat WESH aired this evening news promos..WESH. “the lake Eola rapist, what we have learn, who he is, and why when police question him. Why they let him go”..another promo was “how safe are you…”the lake Eola rapist, what we have learn, who he is, and why when police question him. Why they let him go”.

      Fact-they did let him go after getting a DNA swab, the guy volunteered it.
      Fact-the police kept a tab on him in the interim, while awaiting the DnA results.
      Fact-the police did arrest him prior to the airing of the above caption promo for the WESH news broadcast for that evening.

      the Anchors may not have woke up that morning to do any of what you stated, but the producers and programing editors may have.

      check this out- google this phrase “Harm limitation principle”.

      Why am I on the Media’s A double S, because when I turn on the TV to watch the news, I am not watching the news anymore, It i a TV SHOW now, not an Unequivocal separation between news and opinion. I think that WESH, WFTV have blurred the air waves many times

  2. Renee
    May 18, 2009 @ 11:00:20

    • Finn Perkins
      May 18, 2009 @ 11:12:39

      When I went to sleep last night I wa Finn.

      When I woke up this morning, I was still Finn.

      Might want to recheck your facts.

      thanks for the link. it goes to click orlando which is owned by WKMG TV 6 here in Orlando.

  3. Boston
    May 18, 2009 @ 11:20:27

    Finn-Local news is one thing and often times there is more entertainment than real news. Out in St Louis there is a big case involving three innocent victims who were strangled while they slept. The husband left the house of the victims and went to the GYM. On his way home he called police and requested a wellness check because no one was answering the phone. Police arrived before he did. To date, there is no arrest pending DNA and fingerprint results but it is clear to all LE in that area that the husband is a person of interest and more than likely the murderer. The unnamed accused has a right to do as he pleases and the police have a right to follow him-after all he was the last person to see these victims alive.

    What the media does before or after the commission of a crime is really and truly not the focus here. It is what the Police do once they come upon a crime scene and assess what might have gone down. The autopsy results already tell the police that the bodies were dead for longer than 1 hour and 15 minutes. What the newsreports say relative to the findings will matter little in a court of law UNLESS they knowlingly and maliciouly violated the person of interests civil rights and liberties. There are journalistic and legal ethics and laws protecting everyone. If not, than we would have the courtrooms all across this country filled to capacity with civil rights cases, media outlets out of cash and resources as a result of punitive damages to those who have been wronged and unjustly accused of wrong doing. The memdia is quick to make a correction and it is done each and every day of the week in the section provided. It is the acquisition of the truth that we are all after.

    Do you notice that this case is a local case? Absolutely nothing is written in the NYT, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune or the Washington Post. This is Orlando Sentinel’s baby-writers will build their careers on this case and move on to write books and possibly go on bigger publications. For everyone outside of Orlando we go to their website and read daily about this case and they have maintained both jounalistic ethics and a moderately good writing ability.

    Not once have I read lies or biased reporting. The facts are not dull but the writing is. No one, with the exception of Mr Thomas is willing or able to write an editorial on this case. We end up with the dull and not so informative evidence.

    Nothing trumps Casey Anthony’s own words whether they are lies or truths. No one can come away from this case thinking otherwise. Casey Anthony can blame herself for being unable and unwilling to shut up. She unwittingly hired a lawyer with a good mind and a checkered past-much like herself.

    Within 48 hours of her first conversation and her incarceration for neglect of a child she talked trash and once she lawyered up she continued her lies and deception. She will move forward at her own peril. No one placed her at Sawgrass Apartments but herself.

    Crimes are commited by criminals. Please don;t blame the messanger or dishonor the dead by saying that all these secondary voices have the ability to corrupt justice. Many are just jumping on the bandwagon and going wherever it leads them.

    • Finn Perkins
      May 18, 2009 @ 11:22:06

      The Orlando Sentinel is a sister paper to Chicago Tribune and others. WKMG TV is owned by the Washington Post.

    • Finn Perkins
      May 18, 2009 @ 12:25:55

      “…Not once have I read lies or biased reporting”.

      Well, the photos from the net are not from June to july 2008, they are all priot to Jun16th of 2008, except the photos of Casey in the blue dress. which was taken the night Lee, her brother, was looking for her.

      Terry lenaman, the DPQ attorney, that did the first response to the DP notice filed by the State Attorney’s office resigned from Caseys case long before the new Notice of intent was filed. The local stations all stated he was on hold. that was not so.

  4. Boston
    May 18, 2009 @ 17:11:18

    But does it matter? Does it change the facts as we know them or the outcomes that we can anticipate? Who ownes what matters little- with the exception of the local community/County news organizations and paper there was no print media engaged in this story in the USA. British tabloids online covered this story. Amanda Knox is not covered anywhere in the USA but Seattle, WA. Perugia news outlets carry the story night and day and JVM only carries the story when their is a Bombshell to augment the Breaking News. She unleashes the lawyers in much the same way as her mentor Nancy. It is selective and driven by ratings. That is the reality but fair-minded and patient souls like myself wait for our day to sit in the courtroom and hear the facts presented to a fair and impartial jury.

    I like a good rendering of what happened before and after but not at the expense of the victim. It matters very little to me who makes money, who defrauds the public and the IRS relative to this case. Those are federal crimes and have no impact or association with the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony. She is my sole focus.

    Who makes money and who needs a walk in the park are ideas to ponder briefly.

    • Finn Perkins
      May 18, 2009 @ 17:20:37

      The impact is the jury pool. Yes Florida is large, and whether it is tried in Orange county or Miami Dade County, the balance of what we see as viewers, is slanted. The TV station sties are filled now with attoney ads.
      headlines that say “we help law enforcement to find the guy, or we were first on the scene, is tags that promo there news brodcast, which are mostly sponsored by local law firm ads.

  5. Boston
    May 18, 2009 @ 22:46:21

    Hey, this is America and self promotion was always a part of the program. Geregos admitted early on in the Scott Peterson investigation and while a guest on the LKL that Scott was a sociopath. Almost two years later he is hired as Scott’s defense attorney. Who would of thunk of that??

    All is not clear and most does not meet our smell test but in the end capitalism motivates those who see the big bucks. TV and radio are revenue generating entities and they have as much right to accept advertising dollars from lawyers as well as the local medical association DOA those who could cure cancer if only they had the walk ins.

    At the end of the day we have to have a certain respect for those who would defend us. It isn’t a walk in the park at Harvard or Northeastern and the price they pay to become officers of the court is hard won and worthy. For some struggling med student who sleeps after 15-18 hours without adequate nutrition and sleep has long lasting implications for both the patient and the weary intern. We owe them a dept of gratitude for something we wouldn;t do under the best of circumstances.

    It takes a minimum of 12 years to pay off their law and medical loans and end up being a public defender or in the outback practicing than we should at least honor their service.

    Journalist and those who would seek the truth in all the wrong places also deserve our attention and thanks. You know my stance on the media and I will not bore you with my opinion. Fair to say that I would weep copious tears to see my Boston Globe and the NYT missing from my doorstep.

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