Are we treating female and male genders equally in Reporting, Commentary, Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising?

these days, hard to find it”

As much as I enjoy reading the Orlando Sentinel, two things have gotten the hair on my neck up on edge.

1. Adding color to the front of each section.  a waste I say, then they raise the price of the stand prices.

2. I think this link is another form of exploiting a defendant, placing both the Casey’s name with these magazines because of the photos that the state released from nights out in downtown Orlando. 

                2b. but it also promotes soft porn

3. Anther form company making money from this tragedy [Caylee  Anthony]

Click for Casey Anthony photos, Maxim’s hottest women and Playboy athletes.

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 I posted a PDF Copy of the Orlando Sentinel Page., just incase the page is updated I removed original link because I did not want to promote a direct link.




1. stop reading the Internet version of the Orlando Sentinel.
2. stop reading both the stand copy and the internet version.
3. asked that the Newpaper take notice that some of their readership
       are woman,  who do not like to be exploited.

“Who asked who to the Dance” Why the Anthony’s said yes, to the interviews…

Why the Anthony has said, “Yes,” to these interviews, which had been rehashed by Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and Mike Galanos and many others TV shows.  The answer is “I do not know,” But I did find out that the networks courted the Anthony’s…

Hal, do you have any information on how the interviews were setup?

Posted by: finnperkins | May 16, 2009 at 01:06 AM

Hals’ response to my question-

HAL’S NOTE: Maggie Rodriguez of “The Early Show” said she worked a long time to get the Anthony interview.  The Anthony has had a history with Larry King.  Oprah wanted to have an exclusive.  TV shows court interview subjects so they can win the interview; the practice called “the get.”  Hal the TV Guy Orlando Sentinel.

just offering some REALITY to this issue, “…commenter’s may want to get outdoors more.”

I am not siding with the Anthony’s, just offering some REALITY to this issue.  None of the bloggers here will be happy unless they see, hear and read, that CASEY is guilty.  period.

I offer the stats just on wordpress, as to how many individual comments posted on the Anthony case
Total 4,285,000.00 sites/posts on the Anthony case

6,715 results for Casey Anthony comments
5,529 results for Caylee Anthony comments
3,603 results for Cindy Anthony comments
3,071 results for George Anthony comments
1,731 results for Lee  Anthony comments

Note the numbers listed is only on WordPress, this does not include the 11k comments on the Orlando Sentinel’s TV Guy, Hal’s Boedeker’s blog-who uses for their comment editor. Nor does it include the other 3K blogs found on google, yahoo, mahalo, and many others.

p.s. I only have 14 direct posts regarding the Anthony case, yes I have left many comments, lately in defense of myself more than of the Anthony’s lol.

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