See who’s cashing in – on the Casey Anthony case. Hint, it’s not the Anthony’s

I have come a crossed many blog sites that are dedicated to the Anthony case.  Most are using “justice for Caylee as there reason for such intense coverage, information, and links.  Many bloggers who have all but stopped their life to blog, post and follow the Casey Anthony case.

I found a total of – Total 4,285,000.00 sites/posts on the Anthony case

This two are for sale

“caseagainstcasey . com” which is own by someone in Bellevue, WA 98007 US

“CAYLEEANTHONY . COM” owned by eLawfirms Inc. Legal Counsel

A Typical blog – move to “”

[their email is] one of the advertisers on the site is

Twitter has one has not been taken down, they claim they do not approve of phantom ids, unless they indicate they are parody

i.e.- caseyanthony / casey anthonybaby killer

90 followers · from Orlando Jail · updated 5:34 PM Apr 13th

Some valid ones are – they are media id’s ( I use the word valid loosely).

Orlando Sentinel twitter id OSCaseyAnthony

WFTV 9 twitter id CaseyAnthonyCh9

FOXnetwork , CNN, HLN

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