Casey Anthony case: Microphones in courtroom left “ON” , allowing the news media to hear the grand jury’s secret proceedings

Hey Sheriff Jerry Demings, here is your leak…  (Ref to-Oct 14, 2008 5:15:14 PM)  Will you be backing up your words with actions?

Hey did you know that, microphones in the courtroom were left open, allowing the news media to hear the grand jury’s secret proceedings.  Sentinel reporter, Sarah Lundy, alert the state attorney’s office.  Although Tony Pipitone state new6 was first to offer this alert, it is not true.

Ms. Lundy was the first to inform the state attorney.  Many bloggers feel I have been harsh on the media, and easy on the Anthony family.

I have been pushing the rights of the defendant because the state is unable to assure me that they are able to carry out blind justice.  I think the State attorneys’ and the courtroom officials should be sanction for this.  A mistake or not, the incident was overlooked.  Could this

Be the key to unlock the defendant cell door.  I have said repeatedly, the media coverage is bias, in favor of the state of Florida.  Do the media have cheat sheets, one that has allowed blatant assertions in there reports, without restrictive recourse by the state…?  Knowing something, they normally would not know had the microphones been off prior to the grand jury hearing, because normally this is privilege information. 

On the other hand, it will be use as the key to allow for an appeal, or even overturning any unfavorable verdict a defendant, who is before the court due to the grand jury session in question.

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