by Clarence Darrow,

this quote by a well known lawyer came to mind, after reading some other websites on how many time this type of crime has happen, someone even blamed Susan Smith for the rash of cases, because they thought hers was the first that had been covered by tv and internet media.(did not verify but it’s seems that the timing of the new form or media and cable new, did raise this type of reporting to new levels/coverage not seen too much prior to the late 80’s.)
<p><The first half of our lives is ruined by our parents, and the second half by our children.”<p>by Clarence Darrow, US defense lawyer (1857 – 1938)


classification of “NON-PROFIT” is for taxation purposes.  The words NON-PROFIT or not for profit can be used by anyone, the classification indicates whether the company/foundation is taxable or non-taxable status when filing their annual income reports, etc.

Not a Tax person. But having done print ads for various companies and fund raisers, the tag line is important on their mail outs and posters.


you will get more with honey than with lemons.

I read the letters to the CA email, and I am not siding with her, But the reaction is based on a letter that was borderline harassment .

had you offer a little ” I know how you are feeling what can I do to help, might have gotten different reaction, maybe something you could use later as a “smoking gun”…jmo/finn

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