Education, is not always used, but is never obsolete.

93 billion $$over budget  for Space Stn plan’d obsolete 2020,  Education, is not always used, but  is never obsolete.







posting from people who dislike those who have their own opinion

To anyone who’s comment was re-posted to my blog, in which I placed a parody and added comments that were Addressed to ME, weren’t they?

D4CMA, I am sorry that you’ve lost respect for anything I have posted in the past.

I never in any of my posted stated that any of you work for the state, just because your opinions are align with eh states case.

To dawnisis-<p>
1]. your a little late for the party.  2].  I do not recall re-posting anything from you (your ID). 3].  I re-posted them, the one addressed to me, to show how foolish the statements were.

Instead of feeling offended, maybe a little  hug on the conscience is bothering all who made these assertions, and now knowing how off topic these statements were. D4CMA is the only one who made an honest statement, agreeing to disagree on the Casey Case and that nothing was posted/done to personally attack me, and nor did I her.


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