Let go of [my eggo….], is a Pop Tart, worth your last breath…lack of additional officers…

Let go of [my eggo….], is a Pop Tart, worth your last breath
…lack of additional officers… won’t change the fact that
some people are just selfish. period.

[Orlando] City kills plans to add 25 officers to police force
as of today at 11:28pm , there has been 20 deaths by homicide.
Last year, the Orlando Metro ares, recorded 123 people were slain
in Orlando [and unincorporated Orange County], a new record.
The old one was in 1997, 40 people were murdered.

Now this 911 call did not make it to 21, for two reasons,
1 – it was outside Orlando metro area.
2 – victim is still among the living, although he has a souvenir
    from a streak knife, to remind him of his mortality.

What lesson can we all learn from this? “Share with others”.
Also He may want to let his next ex-girl friend have what she wants
including a pop tart, even an eggo, what ever it takes,
to be left alive and well.


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