Do local stations, while promoting their Web sites, impeding records duplication revenue for Orange County?

Do local stations while promoting their Web sites, impeding Records duplication revenue for Orange County?  

I agree with Jen, it seems like the advertising dollars influence what we see on our local stations.  I think the stations forgot that the part of there moniker is that they are local news. I have watched anchor Lauren Rowe, and felt that she was the only news anchor that did not recite as if she were auditioning for a position on “Showbiz to Night, or a “HLN” cable show.  As far as the their dot com’s They all are full of advertising and cookie fill, phising xmls and other tainted scripts.  

The issue I find distressing is when the media covers a rape, or a kidnapping, even if the suspect hasn’t been arrested, does not mean his right to due process should be violated.  Under Florida laws, until a person is fully adjudicated the information regarding the arrest, law to be released, are the name, the compliant, and the bond hearing date. The anything beyond that scope is normally only available via the clerk’s office. If a person wants information on a case, an arrest report, they are asked by the clerk’s office to either come by the clerk’s office at the courthouse, and choose and pay for the copies they want, or order them on line.

The way I see it, the Orange County Clerk of the courts office, records department, is being abused by the local stations, but not limited to them, because the cable networks are doing the same thing, especially regarding high profile case, and let’s face it, that usually the only time the media  wants information. 

How you ask- when the stations post these documents on line, they are instantly available to everyone, 

Example if a case has a document release of 450 pages, and the PDF copy of it is on, either WFTV, WKMG , WESH, FOX35 and even CFL13.  

So, let’s say each station paid 450.00 for the document -uncertified, which means that no clerks seal/date, a certified set can fun 1350.00 USD. 

So based on my blog hits, the 1,539 readers who viewed my blog on Dec. 26,2008 if they were to purchased their own set of these documents, the total revenue could be, but limited to $ 2,145,150.00 USD Certified., $ 76,950.00 USD un-certified.   I am very aware of the loose open records law, but I do not think the media should place such hardships on that records duplication department, even if it is burned to a CD-R/DVD.

However loose open records law here in Florida maybe, they are not without exemptions that can be imposed by the presiding judge, whether it be the arraignment & bail hearing, motion hearing and other court proceedings to complete the adjudication process. The Judge can rule in favor of exemptions, and state the media can file their own motions, by informing the court of their merit, and standing if these documents are not revel to the public via the media.  When an assumption of responsible reporting on the part of the local media.  Sometime the content from any documents or proceeding maybe edited to benefit the station reporting the story.  If the courts do not rein in the media on reporting hearsay and assertions, based on the station editors interpretation of the documents, audio and other forms of evidence, this can ultimately lead to exploitation of the victim, their family, and communities that either crime took place, or where the suspect lives, It also reduce the possibility of reasonable doubt, base on too much information released prior to trial, therefore causing prolonged jury section processes, and post trial appeals.


I also realize that persons who are convicted of a SVU crime, is listed, and recorded.  Nevertheless, their families and neighbors along with the victims’ family are not by law subject to such open records and media intrusion.  According to Florida Law, s. 28.2221, for records filed after 2002, images or copies of a public record, including an official record, may not be displayed on a publicly available Internet website if the record is a military discharge; death certificate; or court file, record or paper relating to matters or cases governed by the Florida Rules of Family Law


MY Point – the local news was about the people, the community, and special events.  If this format is still holds true, then what does this say about?  – our city, -state, or community and why the Annual Central Florida State Fair can come to town, and get only one day coverage or a two week event.








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