I started humming this tune – “Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind, Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign ”

I am at this intersection.
I adhering to the traffic signal device that universally know as a red light,
green light…oh yes and what light.
The lake behind the overgrown unattended trees,
originally a hedge.the black cantilever pole with 3 traffic signal devices
one of which is square, within the sun shade of that pesky little LED,  DOT rated
sign that offers two choices;
    1.  a green right turn direction light.
    2. a red two line,  4 words that emits a stern statement –  “No Turn On Red”
         [almost  as if your mother was tell you, while back seat driving].

Unlike me, who only sees the first two choices, it seems that when sitting
in the lane trimmed by the curb, a 3rd choice is availed.
    3. a off white “No Turn On Red” Street sign 15 feet prior the white
stop line that depicts the farthest point a driver could stop his choice
of transportation safely without encroaching on the pedestrian right of way.

Now to offer you a reference point would give it away to quickly, so I will
continue in the vein of “driver be good”, while others are not. I sat and watched
four, human control vehicles of all styles, price ranges and colors roll up beside
me as if I were a toll booth attended, and they had an ez pass, one by one,
each the four wheeled human transporters, made their way up to and sometime
passed the white stop line, some zipped into the drivers chosen lanes,
some waited for a larger berth, but all proceeded to “turn Right on Red”,
and all of which my eye recorded, sent a bright idea to my brain, along with
a cue to laugh…

The idea of placing a LED light high above,  assuming a driver does look
forward while driving,  it is only fair to say that the DOT felt that this was
an adequate placement for the sign, but I would like to take the design
of the sign one step further,  like the alarm clocks I see in the mail order
catalogs, the neat little time device, emits the time on to a surface
of your choice.

My choice is to have “NO Turn On RED” beamed on the glass
of the windscreen/windshield.

p.s. – no person or automobiles were hurt, during this observation.

[citation -title words
by © 1970, 2002 Five Man Electrical Band]
[citation -title words  I started humming this tune – “Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind, Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign ”
by © 1970, 2002 Five Man Electrical Band]

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