So is It “Quasi-President” or “President”, what are we teaching our kids, not to mention the 2 Kids who live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Fly on the wall, when this get explained…


First dog of the USA 2009
First dog of the USA 2009


Parents – “ok kids,met your new puppy!  [ -almost used,   -almost a shelter puppy,   -only had this name for a very short time-6 months]

Kids – Can we name him?
Parents Sure!

Kids –  Ok, His name is Bo!
Parents Great!

Kids –  Where did he come from?
Parents –  Well, Bo is a quasi-rescue dog!

Kids –  What is Quasi?
Parents – Because, he was home-less, but not in a shelter.

Why was he homeless?
Parents  – the First family, I mean his first family, I mean the original family that bought him, said he didn’t fit in.

Kids –  Why, is something wrong with him?
Parents  – Oh no, actually he the best  [- a Kennedy can buy], with a month at obedience school and changing his name, he is Perfect.

 Kids –  So, if he’s perfect, why didn’t the first family, I mean the other family want him?
Parents  – Well, to be honest, “uncle Teddy”,  called in a few favors, seems the Bo’s other  family, didn’t pay all their taxes,  the deduction for NAKC was a mistake, they confused it with ASPCA. 
Kids –  Why?
Parents – Because I said so…


I know what I do not want from my local News station,… warning sweeps weeks in may coming soon to WFTV, WESH, WKMG and CFNews 13

 why do they have an email for suggestions, when they do not read them,
if they did, there would be some changes.  The new tag line for all these
stations should be “[wkmg, wesh, wftv, not necessarily the news,”

“What do you want from local News” ?

It seem the the stations, are always adding a local angle on the national subjects,
always making something closer to sensationalism verse truth. “so what the guy
who rescued so and so, is the third cousin of a guy who lives in Orlando”….

Too much news time? Yes, 3 hours of the same stories is just enough to place
anyone under doctors care, Diagnosis – Post Traumatic Stress syndrome, due
to fear mongering Local New stations. A corollary to this complaint was a sense
from many of the respondents that there’s too much repetition in newscasts.
Of course, there is an easy way for viewers to solve the repetition problem themselves:
Just turn off the TV. Too many teases? too much hype: “We watch the news
to be informed and not to be asked questions about a story that is coming up,”
“Please quit telling me over and over what you are going to tell me at 6 o’clock,”
 “Just tell me.” The word “hype” was used repeatedly by viewers frustrated
by hyperbole in newscasts.

Too Much Similarly?  when that’s not where it happened other than to hype
the story unnecessarily? Misleading Headlines and teasers, not until
the actual segment is air do you find out that it was no where near
the area the headlines stated.

Too much weather:?
WFTV 9 has “Severe Weather Center 9” [banner is in studio all year round]
WESH 2 has “Weather Plus+ [channel 2 recently change theirs, from Super Doppler 2 ]
WKMG 6 has “Storm Chasers” ,
and CFNews13 “weather on the ones”.
I can see the ” 1″  in my after an hour of watching that station.

Although I’m sure local stations have reams of research and ratings spikes that prove
viewers love weather news, but most viewers were annoyed by weather hype.  
I guess it is never sunny in Florida anymore..tourism down, we have our local
weather stations to thank for that.

Too many references to Web sites?  “The phrase that sends me not to my computer, 
but through the roof, especially when it it lightening and thundering, and I’m going
to turn on my computer…duh. – ‘If you want to know more about this subject log
on to our Web site …”

 This is not just an issue with local stations, but I address this because people
who have been left with the digital TV changes and have no choice but their local stations,
I think it is the local stations responsibilityto offer a non-bias representation of the news
and the people it is covering as well as the people who newer base.

footnote – FAIR  – The first step in challenging biased news coverage is documenting bias.


added reading – Profiting from the panic

Local News stations, torn between 10 minutes of storm footage or 10 minutes of Casey…


I think they yank a few minutes from the sports section, so they wouldn’t have to make such a hard press decision, Between” Your right to know that a storm is head your way”, or “Their right to freedom of the press and what they think we want to know”.

 – Kathi Belich always gets what she wants.  With a new 3-year contract, I hope that we have a big storm season, so I see less of her and more of Tom Terry; He at least sticks to the facts.


Grandparents to Appear on ‘Oprah’ and the State Attorney seeking Death Penalty, – Is this just a conincidence?

Kathi Belich will be staying up round the clock to get an exclusive, she is probably trying to get the network to pop for a trip to Chicago to follow the Anthony’s to the stage door.

By the way with sweeps week, which count for both the network shows, but also for the network news programs.

And for the   “I Hate Casey Anthony” groupies, please  take a minute to read this website, and know that there is no going back if they get it wrong.

– with comments like this one, proves my point that Ms. Anthony’s right to a fair trail is in jeopardy,

“The state has more than enough evidence against Casey.  And people hate her and her family so much it will be a piece of cake sending that murdering sl*t to the chair. Or the needle. Casey will be able to choose her manner of death which is more than you can say for little Caylee”. -BeeNees

updated 4 14 2009 –

I guess everyone is still over on the Oprah site. So based on the local stations, their reporters,have already convicted Ms. Anthony.


Maybe a little more reading and a little less watching the local coverage, may offer a new view, and a little less zeal to want to add the death penalty,  May I suggest this title, “The Wrong Man”, it’s author Vermont Law professor, Michael Mello ,the book is about the two decades he spent preventing the execution of Joe Spaziano, a case which, according to the summary of the book, cost Mello any hope of practicing in Florida again.

“Most Americans would be horrified at how courts and governors handle death-penalty cases, and this book is more than worth its price for its account of that process,” the Washington Post.

As of right now, there has not been anything directly linking Ms. Anthony to the actual act that caused the taking of Caylee’s life, If the media has any information otherwise it would have released it, unless holding on to the information would allow them to continue this line of bias reporting.


the stay place by the Gov’r in Spaziano case was due to a re-canted statement, that was given during the trial.

just thinking out loud / Finn

original reply posted here –




The words “Fast” and “Efficient” in the same statement, is and oxymoron statement,

I think the LEO investigators are under a lot of reassure by the communities they serve, to offer up an answer to most time life treating and devastating acts of violence, and therefore a lot of times proceed on the side of  popular demand, verses,  following the facts.

It seems that with all the e documents released by the state attorney’s office had been all over the media and the net, not to mention redressed by the local media’s reporters, there is very little left to the unknown, and even if the State and Local AS attorney has documents that they feel would back up a claim to bring the death penalty back, the defense could offer up the fact that the state holds the burden of proof in this trial, and that the information gathered, had been released by LOE departments, before the ASA department even had it. The so called “Official”  document releases dates were just to place a formality to the information, photos and other evidence that the local media had all ready aired through the local and national affiliates.

“Prove that the remains found, – was put there after Casey was in jail, that’s a huge reasonable doubt,”

It seems that everyone bought the cart, before they found the right horse.- – –

the fact that a grand jury was convened in order to even bring an indictment, tells me, even though many months have past- – –

since the remains were discovered, the search warrant for the home Casey and Caylee lived in has been already searched once prior to the grand jury, so to go back and collect more evidence after the body was found was like having the answers to the LSAT. Let’s look at the fact that the home had been under seage by reporters other random law enforcement personnel, and also many other unnamed persons. The State Attorney is only bring this up because it is a capital level offense even before the remains were found, and they took the Death penalty off then, so why bring it back now, because their case is weak, very, it is all circumstantial, and that there is not enough forensic evidence to tie Ms. Anthony to the actual death of Caylee. – – –

Bottom line, People can’t change the rules, just because they are not getting what they want, meaning the state is now feeling that reasonable doubt will be a big factor in the jury’s mind, even on day one of the actual trial. Who ever speaks first will loose. So a note to Casey, do not descend your claim, you know the one that you wrote on the affidavit of non-conflict, because if you said you did not commit this crime, then do not take a plead. Period.- – –

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