Can we sanction the media for misleading viewers in Anthony case, equals big advertising fees.

IMO – I think naming a sitting Judge in a unconfirmed accusation is going to far,
Florida Bar: Says they have no complaints from Strickland regarding Jose Baez,
The same tv station, states sources also confirm the judge did file a complaint regarding
the Anthonys private investigator Dominic Casey, with what regulating  department was not given..
Can we sanction the media for “accusations offered” to mislead viewers, which in turn,
equals ratings, which equals advertising dollars
This reminds me of a witch hunt that took place in Salem MA. I guess somepeople
have not learn much from history. responding to this phrase – by
— in the interview on WFTV 9,  Mr. Sheaffer advised against that move because
other judges wouldn’t be  “as tolerant and as patient” as Strickland has been with Baez.- –
If I were the defendant, I would be worried about getting a fair trial, the fact that
this judge is tolerant and patient, really means that he is doing his job.
the media’s interpetation of “tolerant and patient” in this case,  is when
the Judge finds for the defendant. could it be that Mr. Strickland and Mr. Baez,
is up holding their oath as officers of the court, no matter how they personally
feel about the case and it content.

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