i’m not cindy, my name is finn….[to the tune of I’m Not Lisa by Jessi Colter 1975]

[Responding to – blackswan] First thank you for agreeing with me about the right to invoke one’s silence, I am glad we agree on “Amendment V” of the Constitution of the USA.. In which, became reinforce with the ratification of XIV Amendment. I am happy to know what was good in 1868 is still good enough in 2009

Please do not confuse my soap box stance on due process with, me as you put it “ascribe to Casey’s line of thinking” [ Posted by: blackswan | April 07, 2009 at 09:42 AM].

I think that the local media outlets have done a fabulous job, feeding the local and national viewers “sound bites “ that will keep you up past your bedtime, Headlines to entice you to shell out your pocket money for a “in your hand” copy of the local paper, and maybe even make you pause for thought, when reading the latest tabloid touting “BFF accounts on who’s, who” while standing in line at your favorite grocery store.

If you think with your conscience and not empathic concern, think “Mutability of truth” and not malice, you may find your self actually gravitating toward the conclusion that I have been resign to for some time now. “ That as much as we are in total disgust when reading, and hearing news of a [another] child missing, neglected, and even taken at the hands of another, the fact that it could be the child’s own parent, is just added fuel to the anger we all feel.

 . . . and with that I leave this final thought…If you feel that your comment is important to you, and that it maybe read to by others, who may feel the same as you, but more over, the intent of your reply, is to align with readers who feel the same Now If this is true, for every word that implies inadequate services rendered by the defense attorney, is one more additional seed sown to the defendants “cause for appeal”, – as for current on going pre-trial hearings and, eminent trial, you might want to look up the meaning of “beyond a reasonable doubt”, as defined within jurisprudence of the applicable country

Is this the proper way to handle jail over crowding, just shoot them before they go to court?

I did a search to see how many in the last 10 years.

the count – 58,500 for suspect was shot and killed following a high-speed pursuit

-just thinking outloud.


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