Seems with all the coverage on Casey Anthony, the media is still left scratching their heads….so I thought I’d fill in my own info…with a little help from Hal Boedeker’s Blog..

I thought I would use a similar critique guidelines on the local media recent coverage,  that they to use when covering local issues [Us], you know like this one, the State of Florida  V. Casey Anthony [their title is the case AGAINST Casey Anthony]. I took Hal’s blog posting and took it one step further…I added my response to each of Hal’s oberservations, these are snips from his blog, which I find very amusing ans so on point. I think the local TV stations do take themsleves to serious. Hal’s Blog offers a level playing feild. He offers up all the local stations on one platform, and shows how human the story they are covering shold be, verses how they the local network offers up to us diced and sliced.

 Original post in italics, my response is in highlight box

Casey Anthony’s demeanor was a major story on noon newscasts today as the state released more documents and video. She is accused of the first-degree murder of her daughter, Caylee.  

May I add that the other counts listed include but not limited to aggravated manslaughter of a child FL-L10, FL-L9.

On the day she was indicted, Anthony was “cool as a cucumber as she sat and joked with detectives from the FBI and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office,” said Kathi Belich of WFTV-Channel 9. 

What was the Joke Kathi, did you get a chance to read their lips ?

Belich noticed that Anthony was more interested in media coverage than her supposedly missing daughter. “When the FBI agent defended the media for helping to find missing kids, Casey changed her tune immediately,” Belich added. 

Ms. Belich is so bias on this case I think that WFTV needs to remove her from the story…oh wait the entire station is bias, so THe only reasonaible remeedy for a more acturate reporting,  WFTV might want to stop covering this story, at least place a disclaimer stating it’s bias.

Anthony also looked at the video camera at that point. Did you notice that? 

No, I guess I Blinked.


Though Anthony claimed she was willing to talk with detectives on that day, she didn’t — after talking to her attorney, Belich said.

Ms. Belich, May I remind you what invoking her right of counsel” means, and that when doing so, that it is in the best interest of the person who is invoking one’s right to counsel, to also listen to their counsels advice.



On WKMG-Channel 6, anchor Laura Diaz asked if Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, has ever given a reason why his client won’t talk with investigators.   “His only explanation is she wants to invoke her right of counsel — which means she doesn’t want to talk — and he never explains why,” reporter Mike DeForest said. 

I do not recall that an explaination is required when invoking one’s right to counsel, ..she also has the right to remain silent.

The stations also looked at a videotaped conversation between Lee Anthony, Casey’s brother, and Tony Lazzaro, her former boyfriend. Investigators had asked Lazzaro to talk to Lee. 

Was this because they the investigators want to cover their a-double -s on the possiabity that Ms. anthony may not have done this, or that if she had, that she may have had assistance.


In footage on WKMG, Lee Anthony wondered why his sister lied so much since middle school. “If she’s deceitful, she’s doing it for — you know I can’t even to say that,” her brother said. “I’m trying to think: Does she really do it only to better herself? Or does she even say white lies just to do it. … Sometimes it seems she lies to lie.”   

That’s enough for me to think she did, you know they say – “anybody who lies is a killer” -NOT!


WFTV’s Belich contrasted Anthony’s hang-tough style on the day she was indicted with the young mother’s reported hyperventilation two months later when Caylee’s remains were found. 
Ok, so the child was missing 31 days prior to the 911 report, in jail on check & DCF charges 7/08, released, in jail again 10/ 2008 regarding an indictement filed , she remains in jail, then the remains found in 12/2008,  

footnote - [1]Hal Boedekers blog


– during the time Ms. Anthony was released [7/2008 – you know thats when Mr. padilla showed up on our tv, least here in Florida]she was being monitored, so when would she have the opportunity to move the remains to tharea to be found in December, given the FACT that Mr. Cain states that he picked up the bag[“when I lifted it up, it tore, you know, the bottom. All the leaves fell out, some sticks,”], that Mr. Kronk walked ith him [Mr. Cain] to the area.


The stations examined Casey’s changing moods.
Was she taken to that cool medical holding area  the common waiting room of the OCC medical pod for you to make the assesment, and to video her so that you can air it later as an exclusive..
The stations promised more coverage later today. WKMG also promoted its exclusive, one-on-one interview with George Anthony, Casey’s father. That will air at 11 tonight.
So who’s making money NOW, every advertisment that runs from the time this promo, to the time the show airs, not to mention the advertisment on the website in which it is promoting the exclusive story. . .
WESH-Channel 2’s Amanda Ober studied the day Anthony was indicted: “On that day, Casey had appeared weepy and sorrowful at a news conference at her attorney’s office. Just a few hours later, Casey laughed and joked with detectives.”
Is Amanda Ober, Now the stations staff psychologist, is she getting double pay..hum?

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  1. Darin
    May 28, 2009 @ 21:15:37

    I’ll just be glad when Casey gets the F-injection , bet her ass wont be smiling then.

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