give up your waMu account for a “OCDC” account, NOT,..but look who’s keeping track of who did.

Casey Anthony buys chips, water, candy with out-of-state donations[1]

 –       Casey Anthony currently has more than $480 in jail account.
She uses the account to buy food and other items from the jail’s commissary. Her order Thursday totaled $29. It included ponytail holders, tortilla chips, bottled water, cocoa, strawberry pop tarts and M&M peanuts, according to jail records.-

So where is noted that the $100 money order from Ohio, $10 from California and $5 from Kansas, were earmarked to pay for the $29.00 tab for the recent order from the Jail commissary. Based on simple math, she had a balance of 365.00 in her account and that she maybe leaving the funds from her out of state supporters to cover future travel cost, when she does her “thank you” tour.

After the recent release video interviews of the OC jailhouse staff[of documents], via a mistake made by someone [probably not employed anymore by the state], with in the state attorney’s office, the idea of a thank you tour may not be a just myth.

Footnote- [1] By Sarah Lundy | Sentinel Staff Writer   9:22 AM EDT, April 3, 2009
Copyright © 2009, Orlando Sentinel 
OCC - Orange County Correction Dept. 

I am not gloating, just feeling vindicated, because I have been addressing this, ” too much information” is likely to aid the defense.


I am not gloating, just feeling vindicated
[allot of the comments regarding the post I have written in reference to this case, have been quiet verbal-meaness]

The state of Florida release videos of OCS FL Deputy Cain, stating one thing under oath and another when asked again the afternoon of the same day. Along with the video of Ms. Anthony prior to the grand jury indictment, and also the audio recording of OC Jail staff interviews, voicing their what they observed on 12/11/08 at OCCD where Ms. Anthony was waiting in the medical WAITING room. [something they did not intentd to do]

Does anyone have a paddle, the state will need it to get their “leaky” canoe out of the sunshine [Gov. in the Sunshine law] before it rains.  Oops! It’s too late it’s raining reporters and bloggers.

I wonder who will bring us the “first to bring you” this exclusive, Well it was WFTV who got it , then aired it, and now…

I feel a [e]motion for dismissal is coming soon? The “click” sound is not the mouse on Marti Salt’s computer, nope, it’s the sound of the door closing on the mail box, on the closed, on the corner of Simpson Rd and New Beginnings road [Baez law firm location] in the little old town of Kissimmee, FL.

If you read one of my old postings and you’ll understand why I am smiling.  It is not because I want the Ms. Anthony to get away with anything [if she is the one responsible for the disappearance of her daughter], I am smiling because I have been claiming this issue of too much information is likely to aid the defense.


“Gov. in the Sunshine law”- this is the law that allows the public access to all of this info,

Once the state attorney releases to the defense, the discovery items are open to public viewing.







Seems with all the coverage on Casey Anthony, the media is still left scratching their heads….so I thought I’d fill in my own info…with a little help from Hal Boedeker’s Blog..

I thought I would use a similar critique guidelines on the local media recent coverage,  that they to use when covering local issues [Us], you know like this one, the State of Florida  V. Casey Anthony [their title is the case AGAINST Casey Anthony]. I took Hal’s blog posting and took it one step further…I added my response to each of Hal’s oberservations, these are snips from his blog, which I find very amusing ans so on point. I think the local TV stations do take themsleves to serious. Hal’s Blog offers a level playing feild. He offers up all the local stations on one platform, and shows how human the story they are covering shold be, verses how they the local network offers up to us diced and sliced.


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