Maybe his strategy is, drum roll please….. but not limited to, is YOU, yes, you read it right.

In response to the many people who responded to Hal Boedeker’s Blog – Orlando Sentinel Titled – Casey Anthony
case: Judge says no to Jose Baez’s secret hearing:
FYI- his strategy is but not limited to, is YOU, yes, you read it right.  He wanted to spare all of you from
the embarrassment of having your names and photos plastered all over the local media news shows
and their misleading web-bites headlines. […got your attention now?] You, along with all of the local
and national media outlets, their responding bloggers who have  already passed judgment, already
thrown away  the jailhouse key, already used  the “G” word in vain in order to describe your disdain
for Ms. Anthony and her family. If there is a miss-trial or an acquittal, it will be base primarily
on “reasonable doubt” bbecause there was so much prior knowledge of facts of the “On going investigation”
by the OCSD here, that anyone could have framed her, just to get even with her [Ms. Anthony].
What is questionable is that the holding area that Ms. Anthony was in was not an actual medical
treatment room, but the Waiting Room area of the medical pod/dept with in the DOC of OSC building.
The reason I state this is because -i.e.;
           If you were in the doctors office waiting area and you along with many other people
           -[staff and stranger-patients], and the doctor came in and told you that your daughter is dead,
           doesn’t matter if your in a private doctors facility or a government facility, your are still entitled
           to the basic  humanity.  I know all of the people who dislike Ms. Anthony and the indictments
           filed by the state placing her at the DOC, think that she has no right to privacy or right
           to humane treatment. If you really feel this way I will assume you will be on the next bus “death row”
           holding front row seats with your name on them. . .
This is not TV, This is not a hypothetical Nancy Grace version of life, no liberty, no pursuit of justice
…[don’t get me started on her, I need sleep sometime soon] etc. This real. This is story of a life
that has tragically crossed the boundaries or right and wrong, good and bad, and also the boundaries
of ones own control, Maybe even long before the sun came March 19, of 1986
food for thought –  Think about this –  ask yourself, if you , any family members, and also your friends
and co-workers. If you’ve ever lied, with-held the truth, stretched a story, delayed offering information
that would most likely place you  or any of the above listed into a not so friendly hue of grey. How many
of you drive after a night out with friends, or a business meeting, or even just a good old card game
with friends…
              – have a few drinks and then drive,
              – float a check that your direct deposit will cover in the morning,
              – do a rolling stop, went 3 miles over the speed limit in a school,
                      and hoped no one was watching,
              – pass through a tollbooth, with out paying, or know darn well your toll pass
                      has a zero balance
              -better yet, wished that someone you dislike were deader than a door nail…Well I realize
                      the “State v Anthony”  is much more serious, the fact is that all of us are one, breath away
                      from some form of serendipitous, or tragic issue,  every action there is a reaction. I am not
                      claiming to be perfect or with out flaws, But I am not the one passing judgment, I am only
                      offering a little reminder of what I learned in kindergarten…
if you have forgotten, maybe you might want to buy the book by Robert Fulghum.
p.s. – I welcome the fact that the officials handling the “Cummings disappearance has taken heed
and has keep the information under wraps, of course they can not control renegade attorneys
and the need for a cameo on Nancy grace… but all in all I think the investigators are a bit more
mature and professional.


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