finally read an objective somewhat concise article regarding this case.

off topic but, it was good to finally read an objective somewhat concise article regarding this case.

here is a excerpt from it… – The lawyers who spoke to the Sentinel predicted that Anthony’s defense team will try to explain away some of the similarities. The Henkel duct tape is a common brand. Whitney Design laundry bags are all over the place — Orlando attorney Diana Tennis said she has one at home.

NEWS flash – NO Prints on duct tape. period.

As with most topics these days, seems that opinion of the journalist or the anchor person covering this story has been accepted as fact.
I do not understand for the life of me why anyone continues to accept the awful task of being at the other end of a “Nancy Grace Q and A” session.
See introduces them as experts in their respective fields and then verbally tramples them with repeated contempt of their attempt to answer her questions, even when, for the most part are usually based exaggerative clips of information, that she herself is receiving from the local media here in Orlando.

Ms. Grace seems to think her show offers facts and original first hand accounts of, what is most times than not a hash and trying time for a family of a missing loved one, usually children.

I guess when I take into account the network that her “show”, [I use this word, instead of program, because, it is all “show and re-tell”], It does not surprise me that she has a strong following.

Fox News is really the only cable news outlet that has not sensationalized the tragedies of this family and now, the most recent addition to her tirade, the Haleigh Cummings family.

Please remember before you reply, know that the “rule of law”, applies to everyone, even Caey Anthony. Even You, even me.

on your mark, set, go, type…

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