What smart decision are YOU making? Greta Van Susteren Asked Her Readers, this was my response….

While sitting in traffic today, I was wondering what I could do to improve my standard of living, nothing significant came to mind. I finally arrived home to my sweet, but load mouth cat”Jack”, and thought wow, so nice to be able to just lay in a leather Roche Bobois sofa at 5pm, instead of the interstate hwy that runs through Orlando…
– – – and then “wowy-kazowie”, I was reading the Huffington Post, and their before me was the answer to my my 45th question of my day, the one that I had asked myself about 5:03pm today… the one that would change my life, the answer to my longing to be pampered, to be told that I am worth my weight in gold…and so on. My revelation you ask… to be the “First Pet”, to be a Portuguese water dog

I am trying to figure out what the turn around for “afterlife” is, like how long is the layover in purgatory. I read today that, the Obama family have chosen a Portuguese water dog.

The method to how I would end up in purgatory, has a few kinks yet, as I have a few prior engagements [ I’d still like to meet Olivia Newton John, I’d like the chance to see my old classmates at my 30th high school reunion, and last, I really don’t want to leave this zip code before my parents, they are m/75 and f/82].

…so If the First Family should stick to their target month of April, then I the only thing I will need to do is get my parents to agree to give up their mortality by March 30th, with on day to spare for my meeting with St. Peter, in which, I will switch my life long wish to come back in the “after Life as a “Cat”, an Orange tabby to be accurate. I will brush up on my fetching skills, and start jogging tomorrow. I will learn how to leap into the air with all my extremities in flux, and try to let go of my OCD issues regarding “dog breath”.

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