finally read an objective somewhat concise article regarding this case.

off topic but, it was good to finally read an objective somewhat concise article regarding this case.

here is a excerpt from it… – The lawyers who spoke to the Sentinel predicted that Anthony’s defense team will try to explain away some of the similarities. The Henkel duct tape is a common brand. Whitney Design laundry bags are all over the place — Orlando attorney Diana Tennis said she has one at home.

NEWS flash – NO Prints on duct tape. period.

As with most topics these days, seems that opinion of the journalist or the anchor person covering this story has been accepted as fact.
I do not understand for the life of me why anyone continues to accept the awful task of being at the other end of a “Nancy Grace Q and A” session.
See introduces them as experts in their respective fields and then verbally tramples them with repeated contempt of their attempt to answer her questions, even when, for the most part are usually based exaggerative clips of information, that she herself is receiving from the local media here in Orlando.

Ms. Grace seems to think her show offers facts and original first hand accounts of, what is most times than not a hash and trying time for a family of a missing loved one, usually children.

I guess when I take into account the network that her “show”, [I use this word, instead of program, because, it is all “show and re-tell”], It does not surprise me that she has a strong following.

Fox News is really the only cable news outlet that has not sensationalized the tragedies of this family and now, the most recent addition to her tirade, the Haleigh Cummings family.

Please remember before you reply, know that the “rule of law”, applies to everyone, even Caey Anthony. Even You, even me.

on your mark, set, go, type…


What smart decision are YOU making? Greta Van Susteren Asked Her Readers, this was my response….

While sitting in traffic today, I was wondering what I could do to improve my standard of living, nothing significant came to mind. I finally arrived home to my sweet, but load mouth cat”Jack”, and thought wow, so nice to be able to just lay in a leather Roche Bobois sofa at 5pm, instead of the interstate hwy that runs through Orlando…
– – – and then “wowy-kazowie”, I was reading the Huffington Post, and their before me was the answer to my my 45th question of my day, the one that I had asked myself about 5:03pm today… the one that would change my life, the answer to my longing to be pampered, to be told that I am worth my weight in gold…and so on. My revelation you ask… to be the “First Pet”, to be a Portuguese water dog

I am trying to figure out what the turn around for “afterlife” is, like how long is the layover in purgatory. I read today that, the Obama family have chosen a Portuguese water dog.

The method to how I would end up in purgatory, has a few kinks yet, as I have a few prior engagements [ I’d still like to meet Olivia Newton John, I’d like the chance to see my old classmates at my 30th high school reunion, and last, I really don’t want to leave this zip code before my parents, they are m/75 and f/82].

…so If the First Family should stick to their target month of April, then I the only thing I will need to do is get my parents to agree to give up their mortality by March 30th, with on day to spare for my meeting with St. Peter, in which, I will switch my life long wish to come back in the “after Life as a “Cat”, an Orange tabby to be accurate. I will brush up on my fetching skills, and start jogging tomorrow. I will learn how to leap into the air with all my extremities in flux, and try to let go of my OCD issues regarding “dog breath”.

[legend= m-mother f-father]

President Obama’s Employment Alert! “Cabinet Post holders Wanted”, Apply now, Pay later….

This was written in response to a WSJ article. Un employment rates would be lowered if local employers would take up the same hiring practices of the Whitehouse…lol, bring change to Washington, D.C. is good, but and making our economy better is great, bringing to light all the non-tax paying Washington D.C. elite, priceless!

If you are a mover and a shaker, know Washington DC, with out using a GPS, can pay off any back owed taxes at a moments notice, or at least prior to confirmation, then we want you!
send all inquiries to

Please keep in mind that you may be held accountable for your past actions, whether they be legal or illegal. Also keep in mind that anything you say will be picked apart by anyone who has a keyboard in front of them and access to the internet.  If you have thick skin, a great smile, and can speak out the side of your mouth, preferably the left, then We want you!

The final detail in making your dreams come true, you know working in President Obama’s cabinet, you must be able to provide proof why you did not pay your back taxes, such as a broken calculator [ti 86, hp12c  etc], an empty fountain pen, do not own a “how to do your taxes for dummies” book in the lower left hand drawer of your desk. If this has added to your exception qualifications then We want you!

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Depending on what you consider “breaking the law is/means …Gov. Rod Blagojevich claims of innocent could be true…” [ said one black kettle to another ]

There seems to be so much about everything, but nothing to do with change.

I recall judgment and experience was two of the key topics in the 2008 election. I am glad that I used my own judgment when I placed my vote on November 2, 2008  The best thing that has come out of the last 16 days that President Obama was sworn in, oh, wait I mean 15 days since he was sworn in to office, hum or is it 14 days… do we have the official date of record yet.. oops I digressed, as I was about to say, is that the last 18 months looks to be the opening act in a trilogy gone bad.  We have ponzi schemes, and legal bank robbery, and oh yes I can’t leave out tax invasion.


Did anyone remember to notify the Hemsley family, that there loved ones were held to a different standard of income tax laws… due to the  fact that they did not reside or hold office in the Washington DC zip code.


Let hope today’s news days is a slow one, you know like the days when Punxsutawney Phil, had the front page to himself.


Depending on what you consider is breaking the law…”Gov. Rod Blagojevich claims of innocent could be true…[ said one black kettle to another



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