…the kids get a puppy, I get to keep my Blackberry,…please, my fellow americans, I promise not send spam mail, or use it for placing bets on the Bulls games.

Obama thinks he can keep his blackberry , he state in an interview with John King of CNN, “I think we’re going to be able to beat this back,” Obama responded. “….I think we’re going to be able to hang onto one of these. Now, my working assumption, and this is not new, is that everything I write on e-mail could end up being on CNN. So I make sure that — to think before I press ‘send.”

One CNN  reader’s  responded to this with this comment — January 17th, 2009 11:43 am ET a very bad idea. a spoiled child wants to take security risks. he has been warned.—bsmith171

Here is my response—If a person can hack into the servers at credit card companies and other retail level hot spots, what makes Mr. Obama think his is above reproach. Mr. Clinton only sent 2 emails during his 8 years. that save his adoubles, in the long run.   I am sure that If his does keep the little “blackberry” than, His communications will be of public record. unless hi pays the bill out of his personal checking account. As far as security issues, it will be a field day for the Hackers, I am sure there will be a bounty placed on who can hack it first.   If he does bring it into the white house, it will be the only thing just short of maybe his fruit of the looms.

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