leave no stone unturned [nurturing frienships]

I sat by the shoreline
looking through the ripples
at the waters edge
I could see the many shapes and hues
bring back to me memories, and thing I thought I knew.

I wished upon a simple stone that caught the corner of my eye.
looked smooth beneath the water line.

I reached below and held to the sun,
I could see all the flaws,
I could count almost each and everyone.
and with each second that flickered by,
I could see the flaws, fading away, one by one
offering hope,

I place that very stone in the garden at my home.
day by day, and month by month,
the one thing I could see as the sun came up,
was this simple, colorful and unfashionable stone.
although the garden is no longer it’s home
as long as I am near it will near go unknown.

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