nothing finished, nothing gained

when day comes down into the night
when the only light I see is the moon staring back at me.
and the gentle breeze flows over
coming to rest upon your sholder
realizing that your beauty is far beyond
what my eyes will ever see
and beyond any unspoken dreams

I know you know,
afraid to let it show
you’ve been there when your alone,
but you can’t seem to call it home.
I can feel your heart beat,
a rhythm I know all too well
shake ways to stiring that you question
open up to embrace
the weakness in your soul
offer up to me the reasons
I should let you be
and I will set free your hand
from mine
and fade off
with out a stand.
[finn perkins 1.03.2009]

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  1. Jill from Western Australia
    Jan 04, 2009 @ 02:53:39

    Please report on Casey’s drug use…either Amy or another friend stated that during the month that Caylee was missing…Casey “upped” her drug use! Sri I don’t have the “clip” but am sure that my memory is correct!

    Bless the memory of Caylee!

    • Finn
      Jan 04, 2009 @ 14:26:09

      I will look around the web for it and post. thanks for the topic. have a nice week. finn

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