President’s Super Bowl party. Are we footing the bill for the punch and cookies?

the list of congressional leaders invited to Obama’s party, according to the White House: The following is a list of elected officials who will be guests at the President’s Super Bowl party.

Senator Bob Casey (D-PA)
Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)
Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)
Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA)

Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD)
Congressman Artur Davis (D-AL)
Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT)
Congressman Charlie Dent (R-PA)
Congressman Mike Doyle (D-PA)
Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ)
Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ)
Congressman Paul Hodes (D-NH)
Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton (D-DC)
Congressman Patrick Murphy (D-PA)
Congressman Fred Upton (R-MI)

So 3 out of 15 it’s a start.

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FYI – Alfalfa Club Dinner, Honors Confederate General Robert E. Lee

Just thought I’d be the one to offer up the real story on this annual dinner.

The annual dinner is private, very exclusive, and is a chummy roast-a-thon among the elitist of elites.

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So how may non-law abiding citizens of these United States will be re-united in President Obama’s Cabinet…

2 so far, at least that we know of.

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In response to this ——–
from The Wall Street Journal

Jan. 30, 2009

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, President Barack Obama‘s nominee for the secretary of Health and Human Services, paid around $100,000 in back taxes after his nomination to pay for a car and driver he was supplied but did not report as income, according to documents being prepared by the Senate Finance Committee. The issue will dominate a closed-door meeting of the committee called for Monday afternoon.

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I have been patient, not to jump on the media blog-o-sphere to dash any of President Obama’s choices for his cabinet, after all he is the president.  Then I thought about all the taxes I paid out over the years, with-out choice, and paid in full every year.

So how may non-law abiding citizens of these United States will be re-united in President Obama’s Cabinet…

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Mr President, of the US of A. May ask you to follow suit….

President Obama, can we count on you to offer up your salary, that would be enough change for me to count on. just asking, well actually, praying you might consider this.

above is in response to the info below from the WSJ

from The Wall Street Journal
Jan. 28, 2009
Starbucks will close another 300 stores and cut nearly 7,000 workers .
CEO Howard Schultz asked the company’s board of directors last week to reduce his annual base salary to $10,000, from $1.2 million, a move the board approved, according to a company spokesperson. Once his health-care coverage costs are deducted from his salary, Schultz will earn less than $4 a month.

only in America… can you break the law and still become the Treasurer of the united states…

only in America… can you break the law ans still become the Treasurer of the united states… you know the person who signature is on the currency we are so lacking in.  So does this mean if you are a tax paper in the US, that we are all forgiven, can we all ignore our late fees and the notices that pile up in the file 13 basket.

And that brings me to Pres. Obama view of compromise, you know, like the time he voted for fisa, instead of standing tall on his views and what is really good for our nation.  Chew on that you folks at MSNBC, CNN, CNBC and HLN… and the folks who watch these networks.

ps. if the wall street journal was less per isue that the local papers in our towns, I think that the public at large would not put up with this on going romance between Pres. Obama and his dream teams wish list fulfillment.

in response to – Brad Conway, the attorney representing the family of Caylee Anthony, when he went ON THE RECORD last night 1.23.2009

Who are we to judge why George did what he did.  I do feel the same as Mr. Conway, that this was a real, if they hadn’t been pro-active, George would be today another part of this tragic story, that we all should remember is REAL Life,  not just a story.

with that said, I ask that the media, the public at large and the blogosphere, take all of the family’s plight in to consideration before writing non-fact base words on paper, the web and even to be read by news/media outlet anchors. …as Joe Friday use to say…Just the facts please.

The media, mostly to the fault of the public, is hand feeding us this story, hour by hour, via news13, and other local Orlando stations, the cable news picks up the story, as if it is their own and adds their twist.

If anyone wants to place blame on a single media outlet, I ask you follow up with some reading on Nancy Grace, remember Melinda Duckett, her viewer said Ms. Duckett killed herself because she was guilty. Does Nancy Grace realize the power she has when she offers her version of a story.  She is not  a judge, or the jury, she is not even a DA anymore. NANCY GRACE is holding the largest spoon in the media forum regarding this story. she has had her own career in the prosecutors office under suspicion.  So before you throw out the next Storm Ms. Grace, you might want to remove that stone from your own eye.

as for Greta, I fine her the most fair in this actual story.  Greta has always allowed her panel of guest to speak with out interruption, she always place disclaimer, such as ” a person is innocent until proving otherwise…”

I am not stating this as a fan of Greta, but as another blogger who reads a lot of blogs on the web, and found that this one does allow both views. maybe more people need to look into themselves and draw from their own compassion , before typing that first sentence that usually on this topic, offers words of hate and disdain for the Anthony’s as a whole.

responding to -by Greta Van Susteren “Ugh! The flub that keeps on growing!”

I think that the issue was brought forward to actually be done again, than it should have at least being taped and then offered up at a press conference later. Pres. Obama, did drop by the press room today, maybe he should have done this Yesterday too.
It seems that the Physical transition of Mr Bush leaving the white house went with-out loosing the “Os” on the keyboards, but I think that the departing Bush staff know there would be a lot of “Os” no’s going on in the first 100 days.
as for the Executive Orders signed, well if the first Oath was not Official, then anything thereafter is not, fruit from the forbidden tree, just as evidence from an illegal search is usually denied. the Executive Orders were executed under an illegal oath of office given by the Judge presiding.

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