Case closed? the trial hasn’t started

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—–[now the person is stating that she wants to file a formal complaint with myspace, claiming I reposted her posting from her blog to mine, but in fact I did not, I only used a partial sentence to reference why I made a “moot trial” theory.]—–

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6th comment down page 1. [the link that was here was turned off because the original poster emailed and asked that her information stay in her area, humm].

How can one get a quited when all the prosecution has to do is keep this case stream line, the basic, are KC LIES,simple basic, case closed—-

I am posting this so other can read both opinions  CXXXX,  has been keeping up with this investigation from the beginning.

Here is my opinion…. to keep my front page short, see balance of this posting in the comment section of this posting.

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  1. Finn
    Dec 31, 2008 @ 11:49:55

    I will apologize in advance for the length. 🙂

    Streamlining the case sound good, but once the DA’s office rest it’s case.
    the Def. Atty’s can use this in their favor because it leaves a lot of room for “reasonable doubt”.

    [DA – prosecutor DFA – Def.Atty]-
    DA -….. Caylee was last seen with KC
    DA -….. Caylee was last seen with KC.
    DA -….. Caylee is dead.
    DA -….. kc talked to the same people over and over.
    DA -….. All KC friends have always only had one number for KC.
    DA -….. NO Nanny, NO JOB, all lies all day long
    DA -….. KC did not calll 911
    DA -….. CA called 911 31 days later- KC did not even want to get
    on the phone with 911.
    Defense rest … your honor.

    the defense is ready your honor.
    Cindy on the stand.
    DFA -……. this statement was offered up by George. to any of the DA’s witnesses
    on cross-exam,
    the only one who can confirm this is George. Therefore,
    How creditable is George as a witness for the states case?
    You were at work, therefore the only basis for your statement
    is the word of your estranged husband, is this correct? Yes.

    George on the stand
    DFA – ……Where was Lee, Although he is known to leave out of town , work related.
    He was in town during the time in question. His alibi is his girlfriend? if not? who?, where?

    Amy on the stand
    DFA -….. Based records, my client was talking to you or texting you even after
    the alleged theft of your checks, is this correct Amy? Yes. So you mean to tell the court
    that even after all the lies and the theft, you were still in contact with Casey? Yes.

    All the other billion witness for the defense on the stand-
    DFA-…… As we have all hear in theses preceding, it is known now to all us here today
    and in sworn testimony’s prior to you , that Casey has lies, has also been caught stealing
    from both friends and family members, is this correct? Yes.
    DFA-……May ask you. Have you ever seen Casey raise a hand to Caylee, verbalized
    any form of hate towards her, while you were present? No.
    DA -….. We agree now that Casey is capable of lying and stealing, but is it your opinion that
    she could/would kill anyone? No.
    DA -….. Her own Daughter? No.
    DA -….. on and on……
    the Defense Rest your honor.

    the DA closing-
    the closing arguments will be the summarization-
    that KC LIES, simple basic and case closed.

    the DFA closing-
    the closing arguments will be the summarization-
    that on the time line ofter by forensic, the opportunity and movtives for Caylee’s disappearance
    and murder, was up for grabs,
    ….CA wanted to keep Caylee in her home.
    ….GA wanted to keep a roof over his head, Jealous of Caylee, and the fact that KC used Caylee to trump
    any and all issue regarding her on going theft and lies.
    ….LA wanted to be left along, tired of the dirty work. he was the “cleaner”. He was over it. He also seemed
    to have the most flexible time, and unaccountable time.
    This sums up reasonable doubt.
    the DFA Rest.

    now it’s up to 12 jurors [leaving the Osmonds out of this one lol – see previous posting]. eek.

  2. Hilde
    Dec 31, 2008 @ 12:49:42

    Finn, I must say You have some Imagination.
    I am glad the Prosecution is speaking for Caylee, not You!

    • Finn
      Dec 31, 2008 @ 14:18:08

      Please remember I am the just responding some one else’s blog. I feel both sides should be known,
      before an informed choice can be made.

  3. ejrt5
    Dec 31, 2008 @ 13:24:11

    Finn: STFU…you sound like a charlatan!!!!

    • Finn
      Dec 31, 2008 @ 14:26:50

      Nope, just taking the blog info from the link I posted BB-11, her senerio is open and shut,
      I just want to balance out the info and see if there was a loop hole…

      I think the state should not go down that road, because it does leave some doubt.
      I think the case should –
      1] … NOT Plead the case out.
      2] … It SHOULD go to trial.
      3] … That all recorded finding of video from intersection in and around the location
      where the remains were found.
      The intersections of Chickasaw trail and I am sure there is on on the campus of the elementary
      school for the suburban drive entrance.

      the is STFU?

  4. ejrt5
    Dec 31, 2008 @ 16:04:23

    STFU…is a not so savory way of saying shut up!! With all due respect…You are obviously a bleeding heart for the defense and your ignorance is shining through…know your facts before you conjure up such nonsense…all of the defense sympathizers have me a bit jaded…my heart weeps only for precious Caylee!!!!

    in Response- ejrt5

    I am not a bleeding heart for the defense. I am a realist, and in a throw away society,
    it seems throwing the baby out with the bath whether seems to be the knee jerk reaction
    to everything. Unless you work for OCCC, FL or on the defenses, team which I doubt,
    the facts that you read , hear or view on your tv, is likely the same here in ORLANDO.

    If i interpret or place opinion, this is not fact is just that my opinion. I am honest enough
    to know this. that is why I choose to leave all reply comments up. even YOurs.

    Something else must be shining through too., why else would you take the time to read
    this posting, one of the longest ones I’ve done. As far as the STF^%$up comment,
    well I hope their was some soap near by.

    Have a good life in 2009, and thereafter, I hope none of life little inconveniences hit
    you up side the head and cause you to made changes in your way of thinking when
    is comes to compassion and seeing all side of a situation before jumping and making
    a choice you can not change.

    best regards. Finn

    • Finn
      Jan 01, 2009 @ 14:53:41

      From Tracy-
      Comment: “Case closed? the trial hasn’t started.”
      Thursday, January 1, 2009 7:48:36 PM

      Finn, it seems quite juvenile of you to post Chris’ blogs or comments and not notifying her so that she can defend her position.
      If you wish to engage in the obvious warfare you are attempting to start, I would say that you need to notify your opponent.
      You’re engaging in the “attack and duck” campaign. That’s quite irresponsible.

      From Tracy-
      Comment: “Case closed? the trial hasn’t started.”
      Thursday, January 1, 2009 8:02:55 PM

      There is no “end of topic, let’s move on”. You can’t dismiss this as if it were your own little chess game.
      You’ve obviously not notified your opponent that there was a “game” on. Had you done that, I’m sure there would
      be blog posts or emails to reflect each sides position. As I see none other than your side here, I refer to my earlier
      post that if you are to discredit another, you need to notify them as such. You have not done this, I’ve called you out
      on it and yet you dismiss me as if I am a nuissance. Please elaborate as to WHY you would discuss issues behind
      one’s back without giving them the courtesy to defend themselves.

      Response: “Case closed? the trial hasn’t started.”
      Thursday, January 1, 2009 11:48:30 PM

      I did not “discuss behind one’s back” as you put it. I had been posting comments on someone
      else’s blog. they chose not to be apart of mine, as per emails, I can not post anything she says
      in the emails as she requested that I don’t you my contact her yourself by going on her blog.

      As far as I am concerned this thread is getting to be like an attack forum instead
      of a intelligent discussion on theory and out come possibilities. The blog is mine, therefore I can dismiss
      it as if it were mine… because it is mine. If you search my name on myspace blog section, I am sure
      you can find my comments.

      I am usually a tame person, I usually write neutral, I do not usually take sides, but this was getting
      to that point so I ended it. Period.

      Response: “Case closed? the trial hasn’t started.”
      Thursday, January 1, 2009 11:48:30 PM

      Not at all. She has emailed me regarding the same topic an we have exchanged ideas.
      I never knew of her blog till she came to mine on my myspace. What I find odd is that I am not getting
      the same emails from her, as I do people who have no idea what in the emails.

      end of topic move on… I am, next

      Response: “Case closed? the trial hasn’t started.”
      Thursday, January 1, 2009 11:48:31 PM

      In response to Posted by BB-11 on Dec 31, 2008 3:59 AM
      6th comment down page 1. [the link that was here was turned off because the original poster emailed
      and asked that her information stay in her area, humm]. not sure why. If you had a opinion, that was worth
      posting in the first place on a blog, than why would you want to limits viewing.

      OK.. first, before throwing anything at your monitor, remember it is your monitor not mine therefore,
      you might end up with a scratched or broken LCD screen, and me well I’ll still be posting,
      now with that out of the way… moving forward….

      I removed link. But I did not remove my original opinion of the posting which was about how
      the Casey Anthony investigation, because IT HASN’T gone to trial YET, and that the orig. author
      of the posting stated that it was an open and shut case.

      I think the DA’s office very happy that Casey’s atty. file a motion waiving rights to a speedy trial. had they not,
      the trial date would have been set almost 25min’s prior to the news breaking of the remains being called into dispatch.

      Please note that the motion filed by Jose Baez, was done during a pre-trial hearing and that that hearing
      was schedule, on the docket, etc. the motion to WRST, was done with out knowledge of what was going
      on the outside of the court house that morning.

      WHy would the DA’s office be happy too. because it allows the evidence found that day including the remains
      to be brought into evidence through normal channels, otherwise had the motion not been granted and the trail
      date set, and the remains were found after the evident filing, a motion would have to be submitted by DA”S office
      to include the Dec. 11th findings.

      MY posting was in response to some one else, not because I woke up on that day and said oh I think I will write out
      a delusional summary of what has yet to go to trial.. thanks for the objective input. stop by again, or not.
      either way thank you for time spent.

      From Beth-
      Comment: “Case closed? the trial hasn’t started.”
      Thursday, January 1, 2009 11:56:30 PM

      Hi Finn.
      I may be only one of a few but I GET it and I agree with much you have said. It is up to the prosecution to prove guilt
      and up until that point, regardless of public opinion, KC is innocent until proven guilty. She is afforded every
      single right every person in the US is given, no matter how much one might not like her or how much the public
      has her already convicted. Many people would prefer her to be denied these rights, the rights our country
      is based on.

      I always enjoy playing devils advocate on this issue. There is always 2 sides to every story and if we base
      our opinions on what the media say, only on what documents have been dumped, and some of the interviews,
      well what are we? Lambs being lead to slaughter, following blindly?
      Personally I am still on the fence, because there is still something missing.

      Don’t worry about all the bashers. Many people have this need to put a face on any monster,
      even if it is possible the face is wrong. It is easier for them to handle. God Forbid if there is someone
      out there that might be worse then KC.

      Response: “Case closed? the trial hasn’t started.”
      Thursday, January 1, 2009 11:48:30 PM

      Well said. I only started posting about this recently, because I wrote a letter to Casey via GretaWire blog
      [another wordpress format site -via]]. I had 1,500+ view that day alone. I live here in Orlando,
      and I feel that the document dumps and the never ending coverage has saturated the mainstream here,
      and I thought that I could be impartial to the flow and write up stream, boy is it hard, when the current is rough,
      meaning the words flowing back at me.

      As I said in the posting, I let everyones comment post, even if they do not agree with mine point of view.
      I think that is why blog are popular. Allowing everyone, to type-chat, even if we should never meet, that maybe
      a meeting of the minds may come out of one of my many posting.

      Best Regards, [and thank you] Finn

  5. Finn
    Jan 02, 2009 @ 04:07:55

    The comments for this section were sent to spam. I rescued them and place them in one box.

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