So I take it your response is base solely on research?

So I take it your response is base solely on research?

responding to – passing judgment – Based on your response , you have passed judgment on me. I guess we’re even.

responding to – No one is looking to you to figure out why…. –
Well, i can say one thing only about this paragraph. if one takes
the time to figure out why, the there will be no motive. A case that usually
is brought before a grand jury, in which, Motive, opportunity and eyewitness
testimony is billed or no billed, all of which requires figuring out why, when and how….

responding to – DA’s office, well unless you are the DA, ADA or a member
of the impaneled grand jury, or a witness brought before the court,
it is unknown what part of evidence brought the DA’s office to hold
a grand jury. Usually if a grand jury is need to bring charges,
it is because the state is unable to form a case base solely on evidence

… as far as “protective custody” at 33rd, it just means that she
in not held in general population, this is used to separate inmates
for many reasons
1] self harm and that she is in safety holding
2] that other may harm her, as even criminals, seen to have a form
of “food chain” list based on the inmates crime or alleged crime.
3] the state and the def. Atty. many agree to do this, to reduce tainted
testimony’s from in-house guards, and inmates etc.

responding to – Treat your subject with some dignity. Try reading more.,…
many I invite you to read this one – In response to – by Greta Van Susteren
“Send a note to Casey Anthony in jail – POST IT HERE !”

In my last words, because that is what I use here on earth to communicate
with readers, is that the posting you responded to, was about how
I felt. so If you do not mind, this posting was based solely on the individual
posting from the blog reference.

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