In response to one of my readers, blog name is “C”. re – Casey Anthony

I am not religious , if religious is gauged by how many times I have sat in a church. I am how ever a person who has seen and even lived through a lot of “fallen-on-hard times” driven issues. 30 years ago we would have never had access to this kind of coverage.

Do you love your brother? I am sure you do. I think people revert to lying when their reality is missing a solid foundation for one to find in their darkest hour, or in their emotional time of need. in Casey’s case it would be her Mother. She feared her mother more than anything or anyone.

1] I do not think Cindy Anthony thought the police would zero in on Casey as they did, so that is why she recanted her two 911 statements.

2] the hand that rocks the cradle does rule the world, especially in Casey and caylee’s world. Cindy Anthony was the bread winner in the household and as long as She did this Casey would never stand on her own. Casey knew what to do to get what she wanted from her mother. the only thing she did not know how to do was just stand still and say stop. her fear of loss was too great, the loss of approval, of Caylee to Cindy, the loss of shelter, even loss of what freedom she had. remember Cindy would care for Caylee at the drop of a hat. So the I want to party and get rid of The kid theory is so not part of the story.

3] Why do I care about Casey, I guess because as much as I was able get beyond the mother daughter struggles, I did not get way with out some harsh scares and the constant reality, that even as a person who is opposite from Casey’s overall persona, me being well healed with education, a job & some family wealth, I still dealt with an over controlling Mother and a passive Father. “–my father would say, It’s ok with me , If your Mother says it’s ok with her”, That is the title of my Childhood.

To Casey, her statements are her life, they are not lies to her, they are words of protection till she feels safe enough to revel what is really the truth. I do not think she ever invasion such a media convergence, that by the time she might have been ready to state her truths, the world was watching. to Casey the media is standing to judge her just as Her Mother did and still does (behind closed doors).

Why am I extending a friendly tone to an unlikely peer, because some one needs to. other than her attorney, she really has no one. I do not think her parents are sunning her, I think it is for her on legal safety that she has no contact, as the DA’s office could subpoena anyone to testify on their behalf.

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  1. norma
    Dec 28, 2008 @ 20:35:11

    I respect your support of Casey, however I do not understand it. I do understand forgiveness yet I am not there. No sure I will ever in a position to forgive this girl. It stopped at the duct tape. Lying is another thing. For some reason No One from their church or neighborhood or any associates have come forward to support the As. Some thing is not right here. At some point you are responsible for your actions. Casey has never had to be responsible for her actions. Cindy and George and Lee have lied to protect her or themselves. For any reason. God Bless you for your concern. Maybe with some outside support she will understand unconditional feelings, love and family. It may be too late for her but she needs to be an example for other young mothers. If you cannot and know you cannot feel for or care for a child that you are carrying then go with your own heart. Give them to a loving family. Only she knew why she was not wanting to keep Caylee. Now we know, the home was not a home for children and Casey knew it. Cindy only wanted control. George did not want to cross Cindy. I think Lee in in control of George in a manner of speaking as well.
    Again, good luck.

  2. Hilde
    Dec 28, 2008 @ 21:51:43

    Finn, I read Your Post and I think I understand more now from where You are coming from as far as Your Feelings about Casey.
    I am sorry that You seem to kind of relate to Casey’s
    Family Life with her Mother.
    At the same time trust me there are so many of us who
    didn’t have a good Family Life when we grew up and fell on real hard and bad times.
    There were times You had to make Choices, especially
    after having a Child or Children on Your own.
    In my Case I had to get Outside Help to help me make the right Choices for me and my Children, I too was a Young
    Mom, not married. It was very hard, but I made it, despite of my Parents and my Upbringing. I earned my Children’s
    Respect and later my Husbands. It was not easy…
    and it took time. In the End it is Your Choice what You do with Your Life and You are the only One who is responsible for Your Life and if You have Children for their Life’s, they depend on You to take care of them and
    keep them save.
    That I didn’t learn from my Parents, I knew that in my Heart.

    • Finn
      Dec 29, 2008 @ 01:14:58

      Exactly, Casey has not been given the proper life skills to make choices most of us would make. If my mother choked me I would have dial 911 that day and let her sit at 33rd street (that is our correction facility here in Orange Co. Fl.).

      I do not have children, but my stepfather was not equipped with skills to raise me, and I was 11, when he entered my life and, I in his. But I knew from that day forward I would be looking out for myself.

  3. Jill from Western Australia
    Dec 29, 2008 @ 04:31:31

    Watched and re-watched Lee “snatching” up the memorial for Caylee…he had sooo much hate in his eyes…WHY???

    Glad that no-one visited Casey for Chrissy {begrudge her the 82c roast beef meal!}…guess it rests on Baez & his sleaze-team….hope they loose!!!!!

  4. m
    Dec 29, 2008 @ 09:39:06

    Don’t worry Jill, she will lose. And she better care what people think, Because it is going to be the people that will judge her. I think we can find 12 people that are smart enough to see this for what it is.

    • Finn
      Dec 29, 2008 @ 09:48:29

      Unless you are planning to commute to Orange County, from Northeast Ohio,
      where is the “I think we can find 12 people” come in to play.

      I am amazed at how personal readers take these posting regarding this case,
      from all over the world, and Yet I am right here, in 32801, and everyday
      I read the local papers and, at this point even the DA’s office knows the jury
      pool is very limited here.

    • Finn
      Dec 29, 2008 @ 09:49:40

      btw, I think Jill even notice how weird Lee was acting,
      that’s If I read her comment correctly.

  5. C
    Dec 29, 2008 @ 10:25:17

    OK- after reading and re-reading this post I will give you some insight on healing and how a ‘normal’ person deals with a not so ‘normal’ life.

    I, myself, was sexually abused as a 5 year old child. By family, 2 cousins, non the less. My female cousin and I were touched by 2 older male cousins and our mothers knew and did nothing about it. This went on for several years.

    I made sure to deal with my emotions by talking to anyone who would listen, peers, family, parents, shrinks…I dealt with this tragic thing. While my female cousin is still in denial. She has 2 female daughters now of her own and I feel very sick thinking about how what happened to their mother could affect them.

    My point is that no matter what ‘happened’ to Casey we are all responsible for ourselves. She is an adult, she could have moved away from her mother, or hell, she could have disowned her, as I did mine for many years blaming her for what happened to me. Getting away from Cindy and finding herself could have been an option. She is/was an adult(I will repeat). I took my fate into my own hands and didn’t allow my own tragedy to seal my fate.

    I honestly think you are intelligent but I do not agree with the above post, in any way shape or form. It is hard for me to grasp the thinking you have. I am not in any way putting you down, but I am still left amazed at how naive you are. People are not assigned fate, they make their fate!!! (you can quote that)~Christina Long

  6. C
    Dec 29, 2008 @ 10:29:07

    Life skills or not, as a 5 year old I told my mom and she did nothing. The abuse continued until we moved away, but I didn’t let that affect me as a mother. I will protect my girls from harm. Life skills are not relevant in this case. Casey was a mother and I know that we are given instincts from God when we give birth, the instinct to keep our children safe is #1.

  7. Christina
    Dec 30, 2008 @ 15:33:51

    Amen “C”! We all have choices as young adults and adults. We know right from wrong, love from hate etc….. Regardless of our childhood and how bad it might have been…. it does not give us the RIGHT nor does it give us an EXCUSE to make the poor choices as young adults and/or adults. We are responsible for what we do regardless of how we were treated and/or experienced as children. Casey had choices…………… Caylee NEVER Did!

    The dog ate my homework….. The check is in the mail and I wasn’t breast feed long enough…

    Those excuses never worked for me…… how do they work for you?

    • Finn
      Dec 30, 2008 @ 16:20:52

      The only excuses I have read or heard, were from pundit’s either for or againt Casey. Most of Casey’s interviews consisted of lies and inconstancy of time lines etc.

      I am a child of parents who felt a good pinch to keep me in line was part of good parenting. Now I see children, and that is what they are, they are not kids, kid’s are of goat origins. I think if we get back to basics. rid of fear mongers who chasten mother and fathers who discipline their child keywords here are “their child”.

      I have over come a lot, even with the heavy hand of discipline, my parents both lacked bonding skills, and therefore would let me hang out to dry. I overcame those issues. I find that the late set of ’20-’30 something generation lack to ability of self-governing, inability to overcome the tugs of instant gratification, that’s why text messaging and other tech stuff is so popular. They don’t have to wait till the next day to see a friend at work or in class, they just text, call etc.

      I cannot define why the Anthony Family has migrated from point a to point b, and why their daily life has become the cause of the year.

  8. Jo
    Jan 04, 2009 @ 19:41:27

    I do not believe that Casey was scared of her Mother at all or that Casey was abused by anyone I believe Casey was the abuser. I believe that Casey hated Cindy and thought her Mother was a fool which is proven now because Cindy has lied to get Casey love. I believe Cindy and George did whatever it took to keep Casey from having her fits. Casey didn’t mind cussing them even in jail she talks to them like they are nothing when they push her. When the Anthony’s are kissing Casey behind then Casey is all loving to them but they better not cross her. I bet Casey was a terrible child she has lied and stole from her family it is clear the Anthony’s are scared of pushing her because they know she will go off and show everyone that she truly is a horrible mean person.

  9. beverly
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 11:52:44

    i did not have the greatest child life when i was coming up we never knew our father our mother left us for our grandmother to raise and we thank God daily for her she was a saint to care for us the way she did we were poor but loved by her she passed away and by then we knew where our mother was and we had to live with her and her sorry mean husband no it was not pretty but it never made any of us kill our children or abuse them quite the opposite we gave our children the kind of life we dreamed about as kids now i am old and a grandmother and i can tell you my little grandchildren have made up for all the sad times i felt as a child so casey had a choice she could have given her child a better life than she felt like she had if she had wanted to but it was easier for her to just get rid of her altogether than to become a responsible adult and care for her so i feel the only victim in this horrible situtation was little caylee do i feel sorry for casey and her whining no i think she is a murderer and should be treated thusly

    • Finn
      Feb 23, 2009 @ 21:13:12

      I started blogging on the Casey Anthony case because I thought the Media [not surprisingly], with Ms. Grace at the helm, was heading down the slippery slop of tabloid journalism.

      I am not interested in Ms. Grace’s opinion, per her basis, I am interested in an accurate legal opinion, something I think Ms. Grace is incapable of. she is to night time couch potato voyeurs, what Jerry Springer is to mid-day TV couch potatoes.

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