Case closed? the trial hasn’t started

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—–[now the person is stating that she wants to file a formal complaint with myspace, claiming I reposted her posting from her blog to mine, but in fact I did not, I only used a partial sentence to reference why I made a “moot trial” theory.]—–

[the line below is underlined to show that there at one time was a link, but now it is gone].—
6th comment down page 1. [the link that was here was turned off because the original poster emailed and asked that her information stay in her area, humm].

How can one get a quited when all the prosecution has to do is keep this case stream line, the basic, are KC LIES,simple basic, case closed—-

I am posting this so other can read both opinions  CXXXX,  has been keeping up with this investigation from the beginning.

Here is my opinion…. to keep my front page short, see balance of this posting in the comment section of this posting.

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WOW – Hello 2009, Hackers completely break SSL using 200 PS3s

At the 25th Annual Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin today. A team of security researchers and academics has broken a core piece of internet technology made their findings public today.

The team was able to create a rogue certificate authority and use it to issue valid SSL certificates for any site they want. A user would have no indication that their HTTPS connection was being monitored/modified. for more info go here.
rogue certificate authority and use it to issue valid SSL certificates

All I can say is: I gotta go and but 199 more ps3’s and I can do that 😉 eh?

just thinking out loud

Melinda Duckett w/ Trenton

The latest set of ’20-’30 something generation lack to ability of self-governing, inability to overcome the tugs of instant gratification, that’s why text messaging and other tech stuff is so popular. They don’t have to wait till the next day to see a friend at work or in class, they just text, call etc.

I cannot define why the Anthony Family has migrated from point A, to point B, and why their daily life has become the cause of the year, I did not see any compassion for Trenton, was it because he wasn’t a little fair hair boy from the suburbs. Because he was of Asian decent. Was it because his parents were not of the proper demographics that raise our hearts to the level the majority of the nations has done with Caylee.

Just because Melinda Duckett is no longer with us, and that for what ever the circumstance surrounding her suicide, Trenton is still missing, the search for him stop the day the news broke of Melinda Duckett’s passing.
If I remember it right, She left behind two parents, who felt enough love in their hearts for her, to adopt her and raise her as their own. Do they not deserve closure.

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I have the approval setting set to allow me to moderate based on content rating “G, PG, TV-14, & R”.

I reserve the right to redact any words or phrase that may offend anyone. my rating system is based on is the WORD, being used in context with the point of the writer, or being used to slander. simple as that other wise… all posting will appear as soon as I get to them [in between sleep, eating, and my regular job].

I post all of the replies and comments, because they do offer the other viewpoint. I know no instant gratification in seeing your words in print, but they will appear I promise, unless your comment contains “words or phrase that may offend anyone”.

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this format will allow new readers to see the archives as well as comments place by other. Hope this is easier on the eyes.

Every Job I ever applied to wanted proof of citizenship – How hard can it be, to prove where you took your first breath?

UPDATE: Forbes is on it.

UPDATE: is too

UPDATE: WND declares Birth Certificate on Obama’s site a FRAUD

UPDATE: AmericanThinker channels

UPDATE: Taranto at the WSJ checks in and amends the Forbes article.

UPDATE: Diana West addresses the issue and points out Obama has yet to show:

1) His original birth certificate. Access is sealed by the Governor of Hawaii.
2) Admissions/College transcript records from Occidental College.
3) Admissions/College transcript records from Columbia University.
4) Admissions/College transcript records from Harvard University.
5) Records of his editorial writing in the Harvard Law Review.
6) Medical Records.
7) Selective Service Registration Records. (Debbie Schlussel has obtained Obama’s Selective
Service Registration record. She has done an investigation, posted on her website,
thoroughly demonstrating that the registration is a forgery and a fraud.)
8) His Illinois State Legislative calendar.
9) The list of his legal clients from his days of private law practice.

UPDATE: MSNBC skews it but mentions it!

Lee Anthony – short and to the point may we ask why? [ casey anthony investigation]

In response to an article I read, it stated, “Lee Anthony - spend donation money on a PI...." and at some point had him film the area that included the utility easement of the 8900 block of Suburban Drive.
Q & A , a Fuzygenius mind want to know-
---was he having the PI film area's that had been search already  by volunteers and Texas EquuSearch?
---was it to record for a future "on the record look at that area so that the defense later, on his behalf [ Lee ], that the area had been in fact searched and that the remains were place after Casey or lee were in custody?---was it a mere lapse in judgment on Jose Baez, to allow such a possibly incriminating action take place? and then not offer it up long before the remains were actually found.

---was it Lee's plan all along to film the area, then have the body moved there at a later date, knowing that the tips that came in were check for the 3 call and that the area would not be check again therefore rendering it a possible safe place to place the remains.
Lee, knowing about tips, because the tips forwarded to him, as he was handling his own investigation/search on behalf of his family, and also knowing that the OUC worker had changed location, no fear of him checking in the area again.
So many odd things are coming up now that the holidays are over and the Orange Co. offices are almost back in full swing/staff.

So I take it your response is base solely on research?

So I take it your response is base solely on research?

responding to – passing judgment – Based on your response , you have passed judgment on me. I guess we’re even.

responding to – No one is looking to you to figure out why…. –
Well, i can say one thing only about this paragraph. if one takes
the time to figure out why, the there will be no motive. A case that usually
is brought before a grand jury, in which, Motive, opportunity and eyewitness
testimony is billed or no billed, all of which requires figuring out why, when and how….

responding to – DA’s office, well unless you are the DA, ADA or a member
of the impaneled grand jury, or a witness brought before the court,
it is unknown what part of evidence brought the DA’s office to hold
a grand jury. Usually if a grand jury is need to bring charges,
it is because the state is unable to form a case base solely on evidence

… as far as “protective custody” at 33rd, it just means that she
in not held in general population, this is used to separate inmates
for many reasons
1] self harm and that she is in safety holding
2] that other may harm her, as even criminals, seen to have a form
of “food chain” list based on the inmates crime or alleged crime.
3] the state and the def. Atty. many agree to do this, to reduce tainted
testimony’s from in-house guards, and inmates etc.

responding to – Treat your subject with some dignity. Try reading more.,…
many I invite you to read this one – In response to – by Greta Van Susteren
“Send a note to Casey Anthony in jail – POST IT HERE !”

In my last words, because that is what I use here on earth to communicate
with readers, is that the posting you responded to, was about how
I felt. so If you do not mind, this posting was based solely on the individual
posting from the blog reference.

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In response to one of my readers, blog name is “C”. re – Casey Anthony

I am not religious , if religious is gauged by how many times I have sat in a church. I am how ever a person who has seen and even lived through a lot of “fallen-on-hard times” driven issues. 30 years ago we would have never had access to this kind of coverage.

Do you love your brother? I am sure you do. I think people revert to lying when their reality is missing a solid foundation for one to find in their darkest hour, or in their emotional time of need. in Casey’s case it would be her Mother. She feared her mother more than anything or anyone.

1] I do not think Cindy Anthony thought the police would zero in on Casey as they did, so that is why she recanted her two 911 statements.

2] the hand that rocks the cradle does rule the world, especially in Casey and caylee’s world. Cindy Anthony was the bread winner in the household and as long as She did this Casey would never stand on her own. Casey knew what to do to get what she wanted from her mother. the only thing she did not know how to do was just stand still and say stop. her fear of loss was too great, the loss of approval, of Caylee to Cindy, the loss of shelter, even loss of what freedom she had. remember Cindy would care for Caylee at the drop of a hat. So the I want to party and get rid of The kid theory is so not part of the story.

3] Why do I care about Casey, I guess because as much as I was able get beyond the mother daughter struggles, I did not get way with out some harsh scares and the constant reality, that even as a person who is opposite from Casey’s overall persona, me being well healed with education, a job & some family wealth, I still dealt with an over controlling Mother and a passive Father. “–my father would say, It’s ok with me , If your Mother says it’s ok with her”, That is the title of my Childhood.

To Casey, her statements are her life, they are not lies to her, they are words of protection till she feels safe enough to revel what is really the truth. I do not think she ever invasion such a media convergence, that by the time she might have been ready to state her truths, the world was watching. to Casey the media is standing to judge her just as Her Mother did and still does (behind closed doors).

Why am I extending a friendly tone to an unlikely peer, because some one needs to. other than her attorney, she really has no one. I do not think her parents are sunning her, I think it is for her on legal safety that she has no contact, as the DA’s office could subpoena anyone to testify on their behalf.

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In response to – Greta Van Susteren’s blog “Send a note to Casey Anthony in jail ”

this is Copy of a Posting I [finnperkins] placed on GretaWire Blog.

Send a note to Casey Anthony in jail
by Greta Van Susteren

Casey Anthony is in jail…
…if you have a note you would like to send her, post it here.

I imagine she gets access to the internet and googles her own name
…..and thus she will get sent right here! So post a comment (send a note) to Casey Anthony: POST HERE

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832 Responses to “Send a note to Casey Anthony in jail – POST IT HERE !”

Comment by Finn
December 27th, 2008 at 9:00 pm

Dear Casey,

You know the majority of the people in the Orlando area have already made up their minds about you.
I myself, would like to reserve this task to the 12 jurors of your peers. I think the OC DA’s office will have
very little trouble in finding 12 jurors who have not heard of you and your case.

Now you think I am crazy, but I am not I am thinking out side the box that seems to behold all of the one sided media anchors, the non-sinners of the orange county area, you know, the ones who have never missed a day in church, the men and woman who have never driven drunk home, even from Orange county parking garage, also the peers who claim to have never felt the urge to go out with friends that they have lied to their parents
….you know it will be very easy for the Orange County DA’s office to find these 12 jurors, if the hope for one thing,

…. oh, wait, I was thinking
.… that the Osmond’s moved to town recently.
.… then I realized I was watching a rerun of Oprah’s special on the Osmond family reunion that took place her at Walt Disney World.

I wish you and your family Godspeed and that if in fact Little Caylee Marie has past on, that it was the hands of God whom carried her to be with the angels. I can not say I know what your feeling because I do not, but I do know first hand the OC system and also having not been the favorite in a four person family setting.  It’s not easy being green and last if no has already, I think you deserve a hug and best wishes & prayers in the coming year.

Best Regards, Finn / Fuzygenius

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