We know Key Bank won’t go under… with friends like Sidwell on their bank rolls

Sidwell Friends School
3825 Wisconsin Avenue NW Washington, DC 20016 Tel: (202) 537-8100 Fax: (202) 537-8138

Lower School
Aftercare tuition is 5,250.00
Middle and Upper Schools

KeyBank offers affordable financing options designed around your education goals.
Let us assist you with your Sidwell Friends School financing needs through the following program: Monthly Payment Plan — The payment plan, offered to Sidwell Friends School families under an exclusive arrangement, features no interest, no credit check and a $50.00 application fee. First Payment due on 5/1. DDO required.

Tuition includes a daily hot lunch, curriculum fees, and Lower School textbooks.
who pay for this tuition? Does it come out of Pres. Elect. Obama’s wages/earnings or do we pay for it.

I feel like the world voted for Obama, but now I am seeing more and more Clinton staffers and now this, hum.
I guess I should be happy, Gov. Palin had at least 3 kids to attend school and also Sen. McCain also had kids that would need placement. So I guess we got off better on secret services cost and tuition cost.

(taken from their web, eek a typo of -hisotry- , I hope the webmaster is not part of faculty) Hisotry -1956 The first African-American student, Jeffrey Mazique, is admitted to Kindergarten.
Grad’ 90 Damali Ayo ’90 How to Rent a Negro


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