the road

you say you hear my songs on the radio
the words hit hard like thunder
you don’t let it show

I’m aways left to wonder
If your heart still hurts
I know mine still does

along mid-night when the humming of the
radials form a bond
with the beating of my heart

is it the alone time that gets me through
looking out the windows of a home away from home
it’s the time I most think of you

the road is a lusty mistress of the singer with a song
the truck stops are the kitchens of the life I’m passing through
the signs, there every where telling
me where I am and where I’ve been

and when the lights shine bright
and you see me
I look out to the sea of strangers
they are more familiar to me then you

seem I’ve been doing this
days to long, they added up the to years

[finn perkins2.15.2004]


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