is the News really news, when you know before they do

I actually agree with Pat Robertson, If you ask the question “is she able be VP with 5 kids”… that is sexist, did they ask Sen Obama, he has 2 kids, did they ask Sen Biden, he has several children also.

When Sen Obama half-siblings were brought up… the media barely gave it a once over, be fore it was toss to page 6.

the point most of us are trying to get our head around is that the use of nomenclature she, he, fist woman, first african american, man vs woman… is getting old, and trite.

“person” seems to fit… the best person for the job, or position.

with a poll rating of 80+ percent in her satate even after the uprise in her own party along with other milestones, the state of alaska is still in agreement with their vote.

no voters remose in that state!

and I think that CNN and cmbc along with msnbc has place their big foot in their mouth and they do not want to admit that after ignoring Sen McCain for most of this years coverage, that when they did not have Sen. Clinton to picked apart, and Sen Obama was their obvious choice among their anchors, they moved on to McCain… Well McCain’s team played their ACE, and thank god someone {Gov. Palin) knows how to play REAL HARDBALL!

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