Sheryl Crow and Brandi Carlile If It Makes You Happy Live

Ask Sen. Obama a question while on the rope line…you may

be added to Joe the Plumber gate.. meaning you maybe investigated, if your question place Sen Obama on the defensive.

Sen Obama’s Friend, Bill Ayer’s communist manifesto: Prairie Fire …..Dedicated to,

in Ayer’s communist manifesto: Prairie Fire ; dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan

Bill Ayer’s wrote a book called: Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism.
In the intro Ayer’s dedicates the book to all the political prisoners in the US. According to this link,
Sirhan Sirhan name is listed in the dedication.

Check the intro here:

I have never seen the book. If anybody has a copy and can verify this, I would appreciate it.

May I have the PINK slip please…

May I have the PINK slip please…
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If I was late this many times to my job, I would end up with a pink slip. Can anyone tell me why he feel so entitled, I think that it’s not his fault that his state does not have a resign to run law, like Florida, so if he loses the Presidential election, But it is with in his pay rate and job description to write such a law. As of now he not only keeps his job (150 days in the senate out of the 2 years he states in his vitae), but if you didn’t know, he is entitled to his Senators salary through out the last 18 months wow what a job ,

Summarized, sleep in, and be late for work.. run for president, and have a plan B, see utube on my main page

360 degrees of Obama… wow

360 degrees of Obama… wow
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Were you thinking of voting for Sen. Obama
like your xmas list , you better check this one twice!
googled Obama…….&

Obama Alwaleed bin Talal
Obama Ayers
Obama Barry Soetoro
Obama vs. Berg
Obama Bernie Sanders
Obama The New Black Panthers
Obama Chicago Annenberg Challenge
Obama Cloward-Piven Strategy
Obama Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)
Obama Donald Warden
Obama Emil Jones
Obama Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac
Obama Farrakhan
Obama Frank Marshall Davis
Obama Franklin Raines
Obama George Soros
Obama Jim Johnson
Obama Khalidi
Obama Khalid al-Mansour
Obama Malcom X
Obamma Mohammed Hasan Chandoo
Obama Raila Odinga
Obama Rezko
Obama Saul Alinski
Obama Woods Fund
Obama Wright / Unity Trinity Church

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