being of Architecturally sound mind…

Do we really need a phone in the master bathroom?

DO we really need Hummer/Humvee to be in 24 crayola colors?

Is it really necessary to have 10 automotive manufactures producing
the same body/chasis. Placing the the du jour Label of the day
on each.

Can we really manage, managing with out all the debt management companies,
you know the ones that are now in the multi-layered, multi-dollar producing
companies, that flurish while thier clients are linding the walls of their
local district bankruptcy offices.

Is it really a need, for all of us to be able to watch tv, use the phone
and listen to music all on one micro device, that is so small, that other
companies are make items for this micro item the set in so that there
features on the micro item can be enlarged.

I can go on, or is these enough examples to inform you that the state
of the global economic down turn is “our fault”, not the current
administration, nor is it the fault of the new administration.

it is us, the consumer,

who are willing to buy into the big picture, instead of enjoying
one small picture at a time.


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  1. Aleen
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 16:34:09

    It is simply human nature.

    We are where we collectively are and can get away with
    (gov’t capitalizes on it),
    unless one maintains a purposeful individuality
    which happens out of innocence
    or fierce concentration,
    and both.

    If we engage in the human race then we are all
    varying combinations of the collective.
    Truly being an individual is not that hard, but it
    does require imagination
    and the ability to “observe oneself.”

    What is your sense of self, I would ask.
    Do you know who you are?
    Not just a human being, but more than that.

    Being human is a given; it is
    both beautiful and ugly.
    But, being conscious that there is always a choice
    and acting with conscience is not a given.
    That is rare.
    It is learned and takes practice under
    challenging dynamics.
    It is not natural.
    It takes more discipline than people
    normally have the patience for.
    People see in the immediate and
    not in the long run.

    What we need is relative to what we think.
    What we think is the key to everything.
    Then we have to step through the door
    and do.

    The broken record running around and around inside
    our heads that we absorbed for better or worse
    from our whole experiences
    that we ACCEPTED into our consciousness
    and belief system
    has to be checked if we want to gain some
    control of our lifes.
    We must learn to recognise our own patterns
    (we all have them; they are habits).

    When do we decide to stop that and begin to build
    our own choice?
    When we are uncomfortable.
    That happens when what we expect
    How are you at accepting change?

  2. Aleen
    Oct 26, 2008 @ 02:51:10

    Yes, Absolutely.
    We need to reach
    as far as our imaginations can take us
    and live
    with reckless abandonment
    to achieve
    our limits
    which keep stretching
    and changing
    because we keep stretching
    and changing
    as we run
    run to keep up
    not thinking
    being busy
    so busy working
    forgetting to say hello first
    but now we
    don’t even think about that
    because we are so busy
    doing what we are doing
    and working toward
    are we

  3. Aleen
    Oct 26, 2008 @ 03:00:15

    No uppity woman moves through space
    without creating some ripples.

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