Young girl loses hand while mother drives…

…with window open, knew the young child had the jump rope hanging out of the car window. While it was flapping in the breeze, the rope became entangled in the vehicles axle, causeing the rope to yank the hand off the young child.

The mother knew all along about the rope, yet the mother is not in custody, not was she cited by DCF for child neglect or child endangerment… yet any reasonable person would not have allowed the rear window down for such an incident to happen.

my point is that many things happen that are some times beyond reasoning. A child is quick, and things happen. When a parent raise a young person, by the time they can talk, that little person has their own formation of what they want and say. I am doing this blog to get both sides talking too wach other. vent on the internet not in the front yard. Computer do not bleed, but people do, and fighting each other, does not place you any higher on the food chain than Casey Anthony, in fact you would be no better, because, is it bad judgement and tha absence of reasoning that got Casey where she is now. So for Caylees sake, spend time brainstorming possabilties, and working together to bring her home, in body or in spirit.

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