many people , mostly news outlets have John McCain one foot in the GR$#@

Today has been the same as yesterday….

one foot in the GR$#@ –
Day after day, week after week, till the 18 months of rhetoric filled speeches and high brow antics, have left many of us with very little choices when we hit the little 3 sided box, to make our mark in the 4 sided box.

My Tax Dollars – like the media really cares about me.. if they did they would may me pay to see their shows via a cable company.. When the pundits say we are bailing out the financial big boy companies with tax dollars, they are so far from the truth. The fact is that the banks and investment houses carry surety bonds to cover the faultier of a company, even if the collapse was of their own undoing.

Public Campaign Finance – Did Sen. Obama choose to go private so that he could collect on the 28K dinner offers. I would vote for him right now if he would stop the spin, and offer up some sweat equity to the residence of not only his state of Illinois which is still dealing with their rebuild after the Mississippi flooding earlier in the year (how soon they for get), and the other defining states of Our Americas.

The coverage of the latest financial debacle’s is media driven with Obama-nation. With 28K diners slated (not to mention the limos, the gas for the limos.. etc.), then we have the “VIEW” show asking Briefs or boxers”?
see below –
[ Whoopi also described the unique position “The View” is in to discuss
both serious issues and lighter fare with the candidates: “One of the things
that everybody talked about was the fact that, unlike other groups,
like newsgroups, we have the ability to ask tough questions
and then ask what kind of underwear they’re wearing.” ]

Ok, is this another below the belt punch by Sen. Obama & his supporters, hum, maybe they need a trip inside the beltway (Whoopi), and see what the issues are and maybe use their TV-Power to ask the questions that viewers really NEED to know from the candidates. 9maybe this was WHoopi’s pay back to Elizabeth’s visit and appearance to the RNC

and at the end of the say… say no to privatizing SSA benefits, Say yes to Reform.

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