If I were president . .

18 months of speeches, words that place in clever formation to disguised
as new idea and answers to our day to day benefit.

Ok,  If I were to be elected president,

I would on reduce the length of time that the candidates run
for both the primary race and the general election.

I would place more regulatory factors on the press coverage, not what they way, but when it is said.

I would place more regulatory factors on Advertising from any form of service /assistance
to the public unless they offer a corporate telephone number. the dot com CSR process is dead.

i would reduce the insurance pool for health carriers for Medicare, the carrier must offer coverage for dental, eys and medical supplies. also no more co-pay for Medicare recipients, as this is just free cash to doctor offices, and they only perpetuate this problem by placing this amount of money in o collections which adds to the total debt to an individual.

to be continued……

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