if you invite me on the show, let me speak…

Nancy Pfotenauer, is on target.

on the bridge for nowhere, Palin agreed with congress.
So Daivd think having a Beer with Pfotenauer, would make a difference in the out come of McCain vs Obama “lipstickgate” is a worth while topic and if Obama’s team is running for the hills.

I can already see the headlines if Obama does not win.
He cannot debate, experience, because he he has less the the V.P. candidate.
He can not debate foreign policy, because he only had two trips and a few big speeches.
He can not debate the change mantra because he has yet to change anything on a federal level for his state.

and last, is he really going to answer the phone at 3 am, or will he just let it go to voice mail… you know like being in senate, and placing only present when the heat is up.

the bottom line is anything on the federal level does not directly effect me,  as far as McCain’s daughter’s statement regarding the “lipstick on a pig” she is the daughter of a politician.  She was on a book tour for her book.. not related to the campaign. She made generic not divisive remark. good girl!

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