Ok guys “mug sling” words, woman say something, she is “on attack”

Palin “Attacks” Obama, 37 million people heard this speech. Biden’s response was that he did not get any info on how the GOP would right the wrongs of the past and the details of their platform. Well I think that if he went back to listen to his own speech from last Wednesday, he would find very little remedy for correcting anything with in their platform.

Tax cuts for the middle class and other family living from paycheck to paycheck will not offer any relief. most people who need a tax break do not even file a full 1040 long form. tax rebates and credits are only go for families who OWN their homes… most median income families rent or sub-lease their home, and if they owe money to any federal entity, they will not receive any benefits from any tax rebates or credits due to the repayment process that is in place at the federal level.

I did not receive any rebates from the recent rebate program because I have not worked enough in 2007 (cancer related illness).

I also notice that Sen Obama team has not really place any rebuttal to the statement Palin made regarding his books vs. law writing abilities. hum

they said this GOP ticket would reflect more of the same , referring to Bush/ Chaney, well I do believe I SEE a big difference, Chaney is a tubby almost hair less man, and Palin is VERY tall and under that full head of hair, is cranium filled will SMART cells.(roflmaf)

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